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[Story] Mana Thesis

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction & Literature' started by Mahoroty, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010




    Mana, A substance that everything posses. Magic is an instance where an individual were able to warp that very substance. The nature of Mana may varied from one to another depending on the individual who perform said Magic. A night elf by the name Wyse Strout who couldn't use her Mana, decided to learn further about what Mana actually is. Her ambition led her into a strange and mysterious journey.



    Stories told there was a place where everything is made by pure Mana, the name of that place was Rathazam. Many years people who longed for infinite resources have tried to colonize the land, battling it out, engaging in war, until one day, a creature made of pure Mana, claiming himself as the king of the place, slaughtered all those trespassers who've unrightfully dared to set foot on his place without his permission, he was able to bend and distort the dimension at his own will, none have stood a chance against his dominance except one group of sorcerers who called themselves the strout family. The strout family manage to stall some time until they've got back into their world with the resources they've taken from rathazam.

    The king marked the family and vow to search for them and kill them for their act of thievery towards his place, the king called himself, Extyr.



    The star showering the sky can be seen clearly on that chill dark. Lanterns that placed around the field, illuminates everything from darkness. A sign with the name 'Strout' name on it, a Book statue that somewhat has reduced opacity at the center of the park and people with robes and armor scattered around the mansion.

    Calm yet warm, A girl sitting in silence, Emptying her mind while focusing her hands on a single piece of lit candle, A drip of sweat started pouring down her face as she concentrate. The tree suddenly made a knocking sound on the window, the light from the candles was almost perished. The girl let out a sigh and carry herself into the desk near her.

    *scribble *scribble "203th try and i'm still unable to use magic, the very reason is still yet to be discovered. i've been asking people how did they perform their magic, however that doesnt help me in my case. maybe if i could get my hands on one of those pu-"


    "GAH, you scared me xid"

    "Hehe, you left your door open... Anyway, is it one of your diaries again?"

    "No, its a journal, THEY ARE DIFFERENT OKAY"

    "Okay okay, you don't have to yell at me like that, what's it about anyway?"

    "My inability to use magic... It's strange to me that.. I've been studying magic since i was 3 and i still can't do any of it, not even once. I've studied all the basics and even coming up with different theories and yet still.."

    "Aha your formula is one of the best, yesterday we tried to conjure a purple light and we detonate it in front of the guard's face, it was hilarious"

    "You know that wasn't suppose to explode like that... But i suppose if i could practice it, i would've known what's the error behind my thesis.. *sigh"

    "Oh don't be a let down now wyse, i mean it worked. maybe your body is just different than us and you have to come up with something new to do it yourself"

    "We were born with the same parents, how did i born differently than you?"

    "Hey it's just something you have to figure out by yourself hehe, have you come up with anymore fun things to do? I'm writing for this eye magic but seems like it would take me another month until it's finalized"

    "Eh.. im working on this.. Communication link.. It's suppose to allow you to speak to whomever received the link.. Its still work in progress"

    "Cool, maybe one day we can combine our project together and conquer this world with our magic"

    "Heh, i would need to be able to do magic before i do that"

    "Don't wait too long then wyse, lets meet again on dinner, see ya"

    "... Yeah i'll meet you there" .. Wyse thinking out loud in her head "xid.. You're still 10 but with your talent you can perform any magic without any hassle.. If only i could be like her... The only thing i could do is writing this.. No.. I wont give up... I'll find a way for me to be able to cast magic.. Just you wait"

    A sound can be heard from outside of wyse's room, what seem to be a voice of an adult male


    The sound of her sister can be heard from far away, "CATCH ME FATSO, HERE EAT LIGHT"



    Birds chirping outside the window, The sun begun to rise. Wyse preparing for her test today at the gathering of yearly ceremonial of the world's renowned mage across Krose. She put her books and tools into her bag and went downstairs. There stood a man calling wyse as soon as he sees her. She suddenly hesitates to continue her footsteps.

    "Ugh... D... Dad.."

    "Have you prepared yourself for today Wyse?" as the man with facial hair and the same hair color as wyse slowly approaching her.

    "I'm not going to fail.. " as she trembles and took a step backwards. The man grabs Wyse's shoulder before she takes another step back.

    "You won't and that is absolute, i will not have a failure as my daughter, you hear me?"

    "... ... Yes... dad.." Wyse shaking in fear as her dad stare at her directly in front. Her hearts beats uncontrollably.

    "Splendid, you may proceed" Her dad let go of her and she continue walking into the ceremony building.


    The sound of blasting fireworks echoing around the sky. People lining up, Saluting, Singing. Arriving in front of the ceremony hall, There Wyse met her sister and their friends.

    "Hey it's Wyse"

    "Hey it's Wyse" her friend and Xid called her at the same time, Wyse replied

    "More like TWYSE...

    let me bury this joke with me"

    "Hey now Wyse, we're here to see you be proud, not to see you pout" her friend tried to cheer her up.

    "Yeah.. this ceremony is for my funeral" Wyse responded

    "C'mon sis, don't be such a downer, more importantly, have you meet with dad?"

    Wyse pauses for a brief second and answered Xid

    "... Yes.. i met him..."

    "Ah don't worry about him sis, dad always does that on daily basis, he really needs to get a hobby besides picking on you and looks extremely serious"

    They continue to chat around until the bell at the top of the building started to ring. Everyone begins to enter the ceremonial building. Inside of it was a a 50x50M square arena with spectator seat surrounding it and the examiner at the center of the arena. They continue to sing and commemorating the anniversary of sorcerer's date.

    Wyse meditating herself in the preparation room before they summon her into the arena. Many of the participants performing their own self created magic for the ceremony. Some fails some succeed.
    At last they called her name. She felt immense pressure after she set her foot into the ring. The crowd started tossing around rumors.

    "Isn't she too young for this"

    "She's only 12 and what is this?"

    "The Strout family is really strict"

    "She must be a genius"

    "Who put the toilet paper in the toilet?"


    "Proceed to demonstrate your own magic, and describe it's use after you do so" The examiner request Wyse.

    "Understood" As she close her eyes, emptying her mind.

    After a full minute of silence, the other starts to get bored.

    "C'mon Wyse you can do it" Xid wishing for Wyse's luck.

    "Pardon me Young gi.."

    The pocket in her robe started to glow slightly. An immense energy surging through her body. A Purple light on her hand immediately materialize around the arena, Stretching into different kinds of object. Everyone awed from the spectacle. Wyse glared at the light on her palm. When suddenly the thing in her pocket started to shine brighter. The objects created by her spreading uncontrollably around the arena and onto the spectator seat.


    As Wyse lift her hands as the object she materialize turned into different kinds of sentient creature, attacking nearby people, The examiner attempt to use a nullifier on wyse but to no avail. The noise caused from the panic and the creature's roar from Wyse's magic, One of the Magus slowly descends into the arena from their seat and stand in front of Wyse. The pressence of the magus catches the attention of all the creatures surrounding the place. Before the creatures had any chance to lay finger on the mage that stands before Wyse. The Magus grab Wyse's hand and close her palm. The light purple creature vanish instantly as she's panting on the ground.



    The Magus puts her hand in Wyse's robe pocket. She tossed the orb that kept glowing and nullify the Pure Mana within it. Wyse Confused as to how that orb was in her pocket in the first place.

    "You think you can take a shortcut and use this to pass the test.. Despicable"

    "... ... I'm sorry... mom..."


    The sound of footstep rushing down towards a room. Xid appeared in front of Wyse's door. She yells at wyse about the recent accident.

    ".. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT.."

    "Well it is NOT my fault.. are we talking about the toilet?"

    "I mean your test, it wasn't your fault that the incident happened... dad and mom shouldn't banish you.. for what i did"

    "Wait.. i thought they ban me because i'm 12"

    "This is Serious"

    "Ok.. Xid.. I'm just.. *sigh"... It doesn't matter that you put that orb in my pocket, if that didnt happen i would probably stood there looking like an idiot hoping something would happen"

    Wyse lift her belongings and start walking past by Xid and towards the exit door. Xid tries her best to stop her from leaving the mansion.

    "No.. They should banish me instead of you... You didn't do anything wrong..."

    "Yeah.. That still doesn't prove the fact that without that orb i still won't be able to use magic"

    As Wyse hold the entrance door Xid shouted at her.

    "That's not the point, your formula, your invention, they proved that you don't need to use magic to feel special... You can make something special happen by yourself.."

    "... Sorry Xid.. but it's not up to me, it's up to..."

    Her dad appeared at the door bumping against Wyse as she was about to leave. They glared at each other for a brief second.

    "Uh.. As i was saying.. Take care for yourself Xi..."

    "NO!" Xid interrupted her.

    "Dad, Please reconsider wyse's banishment, she's your daughter.. My only sister.. Please" As Xid beg her dad for Wyse's stay

    "That was entirely her decision when she cheated on the test"

    "Nghh.. It wasn't Wyse's fault, it was m..."

    "My mistake..." Wyse interrupted her.

    "It was my mistake for being born like this, to be born, unable to use magic... I'm sorry i didn't try enough to correct that mistake and learn how to cast a magic.. It's mine.. I'm sorry dad, i'll be leaving"

    "HRRG.. THATS IT" As Xid's Mana bursting around her.

    "Then how about this... I'll challenge you in a duel and whoever win this get to decide Wyse's banishment" Xid's declaration.

    "Very well"


    They stepped outside the mansion and readied to engage in a duel. Xidnace and Verix, Wyse attempt to stop her sister from continuing this madness

    "Xid, please discontinue this madness!"

    "No Wyse.. I won't let you leave... Not until i prove to him"

    Xid cast her first magic towards Verix. She cast a purple light ball towards his face. Verix tried to use nullify to cancel her magic. However, before he do so, she exploded the purple light and blasted in front of Verix.

    "Hah.. How about that.. That was the magic from the daughter you wish to banish"

    As the dust begun to clear up, Verix appeared to be unscathed from that attack.

    "Is that all.. How pitiful.."

    "Then how about this one!" She casted link on Verix but nothing happened

    "See, you're trying to prove that the filth have some sort of talent creating this sort of magic.. It Is Not"

    "HRRG... HER NAME IS WYSE" Xid shouted as she cast another magic

    She cast a rune below Verix's foothold. The rune slowly becomes an eyeball and create a powerful laser blast upwards Verix. The bubble around him can be clearly seen after that attack

    "Now, let me ask you this. How much hope do you have when trusting a failure to do their job?" Ask verix as he teleported in front of Xid and place his palm on Xid's face.

    "huh.." Before Xid's notice, she was on the sky confused as how she got there in the first place.

    "WHAAAAA!" She fall down and scream

    Her dad teleported her into the ground after the amount of the gravitational pull is enough to knock her out cold. Her sight and hearing started to blur as she witnessed Wyse's and Verix's conversation.

    "Xid.. Hold on let me he" As Wyse dashes towards her.

    "As per our agreement i believe you are no longer allowed to be here. Filth"

    "Let me tend to he"


    Verix teleported wyse elsewhere unknown.

    "Hmmph, Peasants"


    Xid wanders around the mansion aimlessly like a balloon. She was concerned and worried about her sister's safety. She was thinking about leaving the family and find her sister somewhere. At one night she can hear her dad arguing with someone. At first she thought it was her hallucination or her mind going insane, but it was her link magic that she casted on him on the previous fight. She combined her eye magic and link and use her eye to hear through what her father is currently talking about.

    "I had high hopes for that little night elf"

    "The subject is a failure, and that is final"

    "Pity, you should have at least return her Mana to her when she left Verix"

    "If she's unable to use magic without the help of her Mana, Then she's just the same as the previous one"

    "Ugh.. You're really persistent on having a candidate of Astrodomeus. Then how about the other one"

    "Xid? She's as unimportant as the other"

    "Still though, the filth's mana is quite the extraordinaire, Her mana can fill up the entire of this Empty Cube.. Of course compared to that unimportant"

    Xid could not believe what she just heard from that conversation. She ran outside the mansion and into the woods.

    "No... This isn't real right... No... Mom... Dad.. You are all....

    You don't even think of us as your children... But what is this feeling... It's not anger.. It's...

    I'm envy of my sister..?



    I'm not...


    I should find Wyse....

    Mom and Dad don't want us.. They only want our power...

    No... They only want Wyse's Power... I'm just not important.....

    Are you joking... Me...


    She cast a circular barrier around her. She grabbed a sharp rock and jam it into her shoulder. She Cried and shouted as her shoulder started to bleed.


    She casted her link eye magic on her shoulder.

    "Sorry... Wyse... I'm selfish and i'm sorry i'm envious of you... But i... I can't face you until i surpass you... And then.. I'll finish this fight against mom and d... Those Demons that call themselves our parents..."


    Somewhere on a particularly unknown land

    "Groggy get your shit together stop being drunk, Erhow stop flirting with the Nilbogs... Wait... Snood, Eroberer, Emberios... GET DOWN FROM THAT DRAGO!!!!"

    Wyse opened her eyes in a sudden and frantic manner.

    "Gwah.... What the... F***ing dream..."

    Chapter 0-1 End



    Krose - A world inhabited by mages and sorcerers. Even the non mages and sorcerers one relies heavily on tools that enable them to use magic and such.

    Pure Mana - The consistency of it's substance is pretty undependable. The nature keeps changing every time the substance make physical contact with any object or detect any shift of any nearby chemical. People from Krose use it to help them fuel their tools and to access magic efficiently than to use their own Mana.

    Magus - The title for sorcerers that achieved in basic warping capability.

    Astrodomeus - ???

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  2. Jazdia

    Jazdia Member

    May 28, 2014
    Is this your first time writing a story? Well, it looks quite skinny. I was expecting a bit insight about your character, how they look like, about the settings and all. Perhaps I should wait for the next chapter?

    I wanted to mention the basic rule of syntax, a bit of capitalization in here and there but I am afraid of being too fussy.
  3. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    too busy, still wip, working on two project even though im going to travel next week because im an idiot.
  4. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    Will you include your misadventures in the gaming thread?
  5. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010
  6. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    Wyse's misadventures.
  7. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    you mean from the game thread?
  8. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    Yes. Wyse's misadvWyse'ss in the game thread(since you probably hate it so calling it a misadventure is more accurate)
  9. carlvic

    carlvic Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 3, 2009
    A bit empty (like this forum) but I'd like to see where this goes (also like this forum.)
  10. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    i was confused for a second there because you said include IN the game thread not FROM the game thread, as in, you expect me to post on the game thread even though i've decided to quit for good. i dont hate the game thread, i hate enkil and reaper. anyway, i'm still in a mixed feeling whether to include the stuff from the game thread or not because i dont own your characters etc hence why i'm doing chapter 0 telling about wyse's bg and such. probably gonna go for "it didnt happen" route or something idk

    oh and btw, frank never gave permission to anyone to use his character, idk why you decided to do as you please using groggy without telling him anything. in retrospect, i'm glad i teleported my character before you destroy her the way you destroy groggy's character.

    im an idiot who kept trying to overwork himself, im drawing another comic atm.
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  11. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    I am glad you are still yourself. It was partly convenient you made an exit move to the game.(and of course you can retun to the game as well). As for Groggy. I have no idea how should I make him sit tightsmaking his disappearance to our party au natural. So I made some narratives that seems logical to me at that time. He is tucked safely in the fort now because I made a perfect excuse despite "destroying" him. Not that you care. Anyhow. I will still silently look to Wyse's new story. As I have always have been supporting writers here. (Such as Eli green l, dark seraphim). Looking forward for the better of the story.
  12. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    HAHA funny JOKES MAN, i dont want to include myself in your circle jerk party given this is how most of you behave from ffnl section. ( now that you think about it, everyone was pushed away when the ffnl people came in, how about that ). im just doing this because i feel appropriate considering wyse was created in this forum and i want to approach with a different platform than comic. probably doing visual novel or role playing video schlock next month idk.

    or you know, just make him go back to castle in a sudden manner, no need make him out of character throughout the whole journey,

    despite all of it, yes, i'm still watching the game thread with a slightest hope that i would get a conclusion, the conclusion from the stuff that forced me to quit.

    it still strikes me funny reaper who called anukali 'not bright' even though that anukali in his post understand game structure and basic balance more than him. at this point i'm still wondering why didn't you put that thread in this section and use the PBP tag considering its not a game anymore. ( i mean it would be appropriate anyway with ffnl people circle jerking in their own section )

    eh not new, i have it on the game thread if you backtracked it anyway. i'm just giving details for her background before going for the story.
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  13. invul_nerable

    invul_nerable Member

    Mar 13, 2010
    I mean the continuation of her story. Eitherway. You get my point. Now fix the story you grammar nazi.
  14. Mahoroty

    Mahoroty Member

    Jan 25, 2010


    Wyse opened her eyes, staring into the sky. She's grabbing her head and tried to remember what happened to her before she lay down on the grass around her. She stood up and walk around to survey the area. She finally remembered that she was teleported by her dad through the rune that placed around the tree.

    "So this is Mori"

    She walked around trying to find any civilization but after 2 hours of walking she found nothing but trees and herbivores. She arrived at a river and take a break there. She use the water from the river and splash it into her face, refreshing herself before setting off once again. After she's done washing her face, a 2 meter tall beast appeared. She paused for a moment before she dashes into the woods, fleeing from the beast. The beast put it's hand up aiming at Wyse and casted Tangle on her. The trees around Wyse suddenly move, it took 5 seconds before the roots and branches wrapping around Wyse's body, immobilizing her.

    "WHAT!?" Scream Wyse as the beast approach her with drooling face.

    When suddenly, a projectile came from above the trees, penetrating the beast torso, impaling it into the ground. The beast growled before it inhaled it's last breath. Wyse was surprised and felt relieved from that display. The person dropped down from the tree and made a clank sound. It freed Wyse from that bind.


    "Thank you o' kind and benevolent savior"

    Once it faced Wyse, it's metallic figure can be clearly seen. The person raise it's right hand and pull the rope from the harpoon that was stuck in the beast's chest. It eyed Wyse quickly after the harpoon made it's way back into the person's arm.

    "Now that this platform have cease the threat, i would like to request you to engage in mating intercourse with this platform" As the person approach Wyse with it's tall posture and then kneeling towards her demanding her response.

    Wyse looked down on the kneeling person and replied it back with great confusion. "First of all it is not common to ask someone whom you've just met to have sexual intercourse with and second.. i am still twelve.. and last... i don't think you even CAN have intimate relationship given.. you don't have any genital."

    The person stood back up and answered her "Based on your statement, i may have a chance if i have this object called genital"

    "YOU DIDNT HEAR THE REST" Shouted Wyse

    The grass shaken from the wind and the bushes and trees made a rustling sound. The metallic person suggested Wyse to move elsewhere while it carried the giant beast it previously killed. "Young lass it is preferred for you to take shelter and seek some place safe, this area will soon be invested by predators and parasites such as this creature"

    "Wait.. you haven't told me.. who.. no.. what exactly are you?" As Wyse trying to follow it while it's carrying the dead beast.

    "This platform require a designated inquiry if you wish to obtain a valid response" The metallic figure ask Wyse a specific question.

    "I mean... Are you a bot?"

    The metallic figure pauses it's motion to answer her "I find that quite amusing, you do sound like a bot yourself, are you stating that all of these voices are not constructed by the creator?" While it's eyes becomes red, squinting at Wyse.

    She took a step back, feeling discomforted after hearing what its said. "Uh... ok.. Mr Robot.. can i call you Mr Robot?"

    It continued to walk while answering Wyse's question "The creator of this platform did not give any specific identification, however you may refer to this platform as DÜneS"

    Wyse continued and replied to DÜneS "Really? My second guess was Ark considering there's that tattoo on your head.. called Ark-X? So i'm assuming that it's the name of your organization or something Mr DÜneS

    "Very peculiar, this platform could not find any data regarding the inhabitants of this world to be familiar with this form."

    "Yeah, i've read the history that it's some kind of tool used by our ancestor when mana doesn't exist... anyway, you didn't answer my last question"

    "I've failed to find any data regarding this organization by the name Ark-X"

    "So.. you're memory have been wiped entirely... that's convenient... speaking of convenient, you did just saved me at the perfect time when i was about to get chomped by that beast you're carrying"

    "I've placed thermal sensory around the proximity of this forest, in addition, i've detected a peculiar energy bursting through a specific placed runes, this platform require you to fill the da-"

    "It was a teleportation magic... my dad cast me away into this forest with his magic"


    The texture of the land becomes dry and dusty as they continue to walk, There, a mountain of junk can be seen piling up in different places inside a circular rune that formed some kind of force field.

    "We have arrived" As DÜneS stops for a moment to rotate his eye until the force field is fading, allowing for both of them to enter inside. They arrived at a rusty brown shack. In front of that shack, There's a metallic contraption with a floating circular core emitting some sort of heat. DÜneS puts the dead beast near that power core.

    "Mister.. this place reeks... what's with all the trash lying around everywhere?"

    "It is used as a sign to warn or prevent creatures to approach this area"

    "So this forest is hazardous then.."


    She pulls a carpet from her bag and puts it on the ground. DÜneS reaching for the power core. Wyse eyed what DÜneS is doing, a wave of sounds can be seen on the screen from that power core.

    "Is that.. morse code?"


    "So there's another people here as well?"


    Wyse irritated by DÜneS's robotic response and left her bag on the carpet and started to survey around the area. After a full ten minute she found nothing but junks piling up in different places. She looks at the rune that formed the force field. She came back into where DÜneS is and sit back.

    "So what did your boss sent to you?" ask Wyse

    "I've messaged him that i've investigated the strange energy around the area... and he would like to speak to you directly"

    "Uh... ok"

    they set off once again at the opposite direction from the forest.


    Bright reflection came upon their face as they arrive towards their destination. The sound of ocean wave hitting the rocks echoed into the forest. A bunch of barricades surrounding what seemed to be a camp of some sort, behind those are metallic walls and towers erected around it.

    As they approach into the front gate, a fully bearded man and 2 other people came out from the gate and halted their motion and request for their identification. "Stop right there, DÜneS.. little girl.. identify yourself" as the bearded man and the other people pointing their weapon at her.

    DÜneS nudge itself a little bit in front of Wyse. "My name is Wyse strout.. i was teleported here by my father with his magic through the rune he placed inside the forest, i mean no harm to anyone in here" Answered Wyse straightly

    The tanned elf besides the bearded man use her magic and lit her arrows in flames, She asked for the bearded man for his confirmation, "What a bunch of crap, do you believe we trusted every words you've just said. Greg, for all we know she might be one of the beast using some sort of shape shifting spell to infiltrate this base"

    The bearded man then puts his hand on the tanned elf girl's bow and asked her to cease her weapon. "Easy there.. we have enough enemies already, let's not reduce the number of any potential allies further, Ms. Caine?"

    She puts her short bow down and put the flames on the arrow away with a pouting and stern expression. "Hmmpph"

    The bearded man then grabs his hat and puts it on his chest, gesturing a welcome for the new guest. "Afternoon, Ms Wyse. My name is greg, i'm with my associate, this is Ms. Caine and This is Mr Kid. I've received the reports from DÜneS about the recent activity inside the forest and about you. We would like you to fill in our test first to see if you're clean of any kind of dangerous spells and whatnot."

    They opened up the fortress gate, The 4 of them guided Wyse to follow the procedure in order to cleanse her from any damage or buff she previously taken. A rectangular shaped light around the gate scans her thoroughly. they seemed surprised but for a different reason. "What.. have i been infected by some spell?" ask Wyse

    Kid said to Wyse "Well.. would you look at that.. and i thought i was the only weird one here.. Wyse.. is it? you don't have any mana in you at all?"

    "Yes.. i was like this since i was born..."

    "Okay now... save the details for later... how about we take our guest and transfer her into pete" greg interrupts.


    The sound of footstep leading into a small yet sturdy building.

    "Greetings, Greg, Caine, Kid, D..unes..? and ah a new guest" As the 5 of them entered it, The person in front greeted them.

    "Please bring forth the registration paper so we can finish her new ID, We would like to transfer her to Mystville" Greg asked the person

    "Hold on.. why don't i just help you guys here and deal with the beast that have invested this place?" Wyse replied

    "Nonsense, for years this place have been invested with predators alike and the situation right now is not in our favor as they've been pushing us into the edge further. Besides, we don't use child like you as a labor" Kid answered Wyse

    ".. aren't you still a kid yourself" Wyse made a snide remark towards Kid

    Kid glared at wyse in close range with an irritated expression "NOW LISTEN HERE YO-O-U... I may look really young but i'm actually 21 years old.. Don't act like you're anywhere near my leve-"

    "Enough, regardless of what you say kid, greg, we are currently low in fire power, what could you possibly offer to us anyway in order to help our current situation" Caine interrupts

    "I can help you guys build stuff... and offer you some of my magic formula.." Wyse suggests

    "hm.. What do you think Dunes?" greg asks

    "I have no intention of putting her in a critical situation, that being stated, our defenses has been breached multiple times already, i've encountered a beast within the safe zone when i found the girl in the forest, processing the percentage of conflicting opinion, 60% stay 30% leave" Dunes said

    "What about the other 10%?" Wyse ask

    "Sex" Dunes bluntly replied

    "Well.. then it's decided then.. you'll be staying here.. "
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