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Spiritbreaker and Doom don't deserve to have high BAT

Discussion in 'Meta-Game Discussion' started by Hyperion1O1, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. MortalKombat3

    MortalKombat3 Member

    Dec 29, 2016
    Doom's farming capabilities (Devour+talent) is his advantage over other heroes. Sure, you can pick Bristleback, Axe, Tide, etc. All those heroes have AoE abilities that allow them to kill jungle creeps relatively quickly. But killing those creeps sometimes mean your carry/mid cant kill those creeps themselves. Doom, on other hand, gets gold "from nothing" - he just needs to devour a creep every 40 seconds, and he gets massive 270 GPM for that (not counting midas even)! With midas, he will have ~400 extra GPM barely killing any creeps. Doom isnt greedy is that regard, he doesnt interfere his carries' farm much.

    And now, we come to BAT problem. As you see, Doom has spectacular GPM, but with that awful BAT, he cant but some right-click items and became more relevant in manfighting (not just IB spamer). Sure, he will never be as good rightclicker as WK or troll, but that doesnt mean his BAT should be fucked. Pudge is known not for his rightclick, but still, he has normal 1.7 BAT. Same with Ogre Magi, Timber, etc.

    What should be done first, to make Doom more relevant?
    1. BAT - reverated back to 1.7
    2. Devour - improve digesting speed at higher levels, so digesting high-HP neural wont make you wait longer that 40 sec (and make it 1.5x more, if "can devour ancients" is taken).
    3. Scorched Earth - either CD reduced to something like 45 seconds, or effects improved (20% MS, and higher HPS/DPS).
    4. Infernal Blade - add True Strike for it.
    5. Doom - reduce duration to 8 seconds, reduce CD to 100 seconds.
    6. Nerf his OP lvl10 talents.