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Remove Remotes from the game (or Techies)

Discussion in 'Meta-Game Discussion' started by Nisamraw, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. dR

    dR Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 10, 2009
    Fellas, let's try to keep things civil.
  2. Lanaya.de

    Lanaya.de Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    Terrorblade. Hocus pocus now you are dead after trying in vain to find my hero within a 900 range of my Metamorphosed illusion before getting stuck in a cliff.

    Treant Protector. Buy aghs. Take out his 9K support.

    Treant Protector is basically a support Techies. He cast his E and plant mines...err....eyes in the forest everywhere and press R. Ultimate support deleter.

    Techies don't care much about dying. One of his skills can even deny him from half hp!

    Battle Fury helps you delete creep waves with ease, and it is extremely useful on pretty much every carry that lacks AoE.

    For everything else, get QB since you don't have 4000 gold.

    Oh, and did you forget about the backpack?

    If you rely on your right click to remove mines and are not a ranged hero, I don't think your games are of very high MMR at all. After all, you pretty much need ranged heroes to ensure your team is not easily countered by Axe.
  3. Nisamraw

    Nisamraw Member

    Nov 16, 2011
    Can you stop trolling please? None of those two heroes delete you from 100 to 0% hp. Especially not Treant ASU. I mean, nowhere near enough dmg to kill anyone solo, or I'd like to see proofs.

    Did you forget you have a CD when you swap items? How does that work when you're sieging? Single uses of QB/BF for each remotes +CD, you switch your items, and the ennemy team look at you while you spend about 5min doing so?

    Why of course. I mean in pubs, AP ranked or unranked, it's like every Techies player firstpicks this hero to make sure we have summons and 5 ranged heroes. It's like I often first pick Medusa with no AM ban, and I hope they don't get AM/Nyx just out of kindness.