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[Mirana] How to win as Cliff Jungle, 3.2k MMR

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lanaya.de, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Lanaya.de

    Lanaya.de Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    This strategy works up to 3200 MMR SEA (or your region equivalent). It does not work in higher MMRs.



    Cliff Jungle Mirana is, arguably, the safest place to put a Mirana. That way, you do not sacrifice a mid slot for a walking Moonlight Shadow, and you can get all the gold you want without destroying your safelane's lane equilibrium.

    However, in MMRs higher than 3200, this strategy starts to fall off in favour of Safelane Support Mirana.

    What this strategy requires from your teammates and enemies to achieve maximum effectiveness


    Will not punish your safelane

    Will not gank you at cliff

    Will not block cliff camps


    Too stupid to pick a second support and harass properly with that support (otherwise, Safelane Support Mirana is superior)

    Too unaware of their surroundings to help you when you get ganked (again, otherwise, Safelane Support Mirana is superior)

    Will steal your pull-camp farm (again, if they don't, go ahead and support the Safelane)

    The tl;dr guide

      • Pick Mirana
      • Buy Courier and Wards
      • Go Cliff Jungle. Kill Anclents before Hard Camp, use Selemene's Arrow to kill Satyr Tormentors (red Riki), use Starstorm to kill stacked Hard Camp, stack Hard Camp every minute.
      • Buy every ward. That includes sentries.
      • Win game because you have a dedicated warding machine fuelled by gold granted by the Almighty Cliff
    Starting Items

    Purchase the Courier, Wards, Tangoes, and any other Wards needed.

    Purchase a Blight Stone if you can still afford it.

    Spam your inventory with whatever you can cram in.

    Give Wards and Tangoes to whoever need them.

    You should have 0 Tangoes or Wards in your inventory, because you gave them all away.

    Leap onto the Radiant Ancient Cliff.

    Early-game Decision Making

    Due to the relative ease of your 'laning phase', you can look at the map, as well as the clock, to make sure you get every stack in.

    The lane you should keep an eye on is the Top Lane. If it gets ganked, it's your job to throw an arrow into the assailant's face.

    You should also carry a Teleportation Scroll, so you can save people by teleporting right next to their tower-dived hero.

    You are a Cliff-Jungling Mirana. You don't actually need to control your hero for more than 7 seconds per minute. This puts you in a position where you can constantly check the map, so you should be using this opportunity to increase your map awareness.

    If you see some random Riki solo-zoning out your solo Safelane Anti-Mage, give him some Sentry Wards.

    Taking a break from the Cliff to gank

    Leap has a 30-second cooldown.

    That means you can Leap every 30 seconds.

    The average gank takes 60 seconds to set-up, because you want to avoid wards.

    On top of that, nobody expects a Cliff-Jungling Mirana to gank them.

    Go gank people.

    The Importance of Wards

    You are Mirana. You are on a cliff.

    Do you know what else is placed on a cliff?

    That's right!


    Do you know who has a Leap (in case someone ganks you while you place a ward)?


    Go purchase and place all the Wards.

    There are only 4 Wards in the shop! Where do I place them?

    Mirana is a tactician. She might be a princess, but she sits on a Cliff, so she is a tactician.

    It is your job to think of a gameplan while hitting creeps.

    Do you want to push early, or do you want to rely on your superior carries to win lategame?

    There are no other options. If your team wants to delay the game as an inferior lategame lineup, you lost anyway, and should probably go full cancer.

    Now, if you want to push, Place wards in their jungle, so you can gank, and right in front of their tower (or behind, if you can manage the harder ward), when you are going for the push.

    If you have many lategame carries, Go place wards at all the entrances to your jungle.

    Your teamfight decision making

    Press R.

    Throw an arrow in the general direction of the enemy team.

    Press Q when near them.

    Place sentries if facing invisible heroes.

    Win fight.


    Winning with Cliff Jungle Mirana is that easy!

    Just ward, and ward, and press some buttons, and you win.

    The end.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
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  2. Jakrasia

    Jakrasia Member

    Apr 30, 2012
    We do not need guides of this nature in my opinion.

    Playing like this is utterly detrimental not only to the game you're in but to yourself as a player. Not to mention this awful mindset that all a support needs to do is buy and place wards in order to have done his job.