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[Lone Druid]Ehin the Warriorpoet's Battle Bear Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by EhinoftheDong, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. EhinoftheDong

    EhinoftheDong New Member

    Oct 9, 2016
    The definitive interpretation of Syllabear's ultimate strategy of attack.





    This guide is a simple yet divinely philosophical instruction manual on how to fight like a man with Lone Druid and really push the extremes of his carry potential.

    Do not attempt to follow this guide if you do not have the immaculate execution in your micro to use a hero like Lone Druid, but if you simply must try this I will recommend a few tips to make it easy before we begin


    Go into your options and change your hotkeys for Select Hero, Select All Units, and select all other units to 1, 3, and 2 respectively.

    The only flaw in this arrangement is that when you have illusions or Necro's etc when you press 2 you might not necessarily get your Bear immediately and will have to tab through it. If you can prepare yourself to be able to accommodate that flaw this arrangement is killer.

    Check the box for the Auto Select Summoned Unit and for Summoned Unit Auto Attacked select ALWAYS.

    Ok so let's begin.


    Iron Talon

    Immediately disperse your 4x tango to your teammates, apologize for selecting a jungler but use some sort of flair to earn their favour like "my friends, I have these herbs from my journeys in the woods, take them!"

    Cringey, but effective.

    Precede to give vision over rune spawn so your mid or safelane carry can grab the rune and then precede to either one of your medium camps.

    From here we get creative.


    In desired order.

    Clarity, Iron Talon 2, Headdress, Raindrops+2x TP, Orb of Venom, Basilius, Boots for Bear, Aquila, Boots for hero.


    With this as your core you will be able to set the vanguard for any encounter on the map. If you see 4x enemy anywhere on the map, simply RUSH to their t1 to push it IF YOU CAN'T ROTATE EFFICIENTLY. With bear, armor aura, talons and a headdress you don't need creeps and can counter any enemy gank with a T1 bullrush.

    Always remember that even though you may ultimately end up at POS 1, it is best if your Safe Lane carry maintains farm priority and you simply create space to draw attention away from him.

    Use your powerful fear ability to escape from the crazy scenarios you create for yourself as you split push and rat the map.

    Stay in Druid from when sprinting around and when you have disctinct advantage in battle. When on defense, or just as scared as you should be, resort to Bear form.


    3/2/0/0 at Level 5

    4/4/0/0 at Level 8

    4/4/1/2 at Level 11

    Rabid is your best ability, this is why we focus on grabbing so much mana regen. By the time you are level 7 and you can have Rabid up 24/7 you will be unstoppable offsenively and defensively if your will is strong and you are pure of heart.


    Level 5 by min 4-5:30. Immediately gank mid or safelane. Then return to woods and continue to level, rinse, repeat.

    Level 11 by min 12. Use your second level ult to destroy any remaining T1 towers.


    So this is where we get scrappy. With this item build you NEED to be willing to right click enemy heroes. The bulk of your power right click damage comes from your hero because of Spirit Bear's Unit Attack type. We have 3 scenarios.

    1. Game is going great towers are easy and thanks to your amazing root ganks your team has a nice foothold on the map.

    SAVE FOR RADIANCE and then supplement with option 2 afterwards.

    2. Game is going decently, you are trading towers and kills but do not have a defined advantage.

    Finish a Vlad's (Keep Aquila for +19 dmg plus stats on Hero), then Maelstrom and Boots of Travel.

    3. Game is going horribly.

    Apologize to your team, tell them you must go MEGA LATE and buy 2x Midas and work your way back into the game by using option 2.


    So now we are going to look at what is your ideal end game item build.


    Boots of Travel
    Pipe of Insight
    Strong AGILITY or STRENGTH UTILITY stat item (Hurricane Pike, SnY, Drums of Endurance, Manta)
    Abyssal Blade
    Strong Support Item: (Gem, Aegis, Dust)


    Abyssal Blade
    Moon Shard
    Phase Boots


    Lone Druid's spirit bear does absolutely shit right click DPS vs heroes. However, Maelstrom and Mjolnir combined with Radiance will turn your bear into a MAGIC damage machine. Mjolnir+Maelstrom will allow you to flash farm and absolutely crush enemies in teamfights without you needing a STRICT target. The amount of procs your bear will get before even the Mjolnir shield effect is considered is incredible.

    By building stats and strong regen on your Hero you will allow yourself to fight for your life and sustain your HP with lifesteal. If you are stout and do not show the enemy your trailing backside you will earn their respect and your teams.

    If your enemy has begun to respect you, you will truly be able to farm the map. You will begin to understand the spirit of the respect the enemy will give you as LD the more you use this build.

    It is a beautiful thing.


    Crystalys: You can get a casual Crystalys on your LD if you are maintaining leverage against the enemy carrys. It is a very powerful effective HP item for LD in bear form.

    Echo Sabre: Very strong defensively and offensively when in scenarios where flight is not an option and you must fight.


    So yeah, this is my guide to playing LD in the current meta. I have played Dota only since 2013, and have played only LD for 95 percent of that time.

    I have currently rerolled to start my E Sports team, TBA announced possibly next Sunday. Here is my dotabuff if you wish to follow my progress and see how I deviate from the core build I explained here in certain games.

    Also, I will try and update this guide as often as I can with relevant information as I further understand the spirit of the thing myself. Feel free to ask questions or share your comments and try this build yourself. I want to know how it goes and would love to constructively debate and theory craft with you.

    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
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  2. VerminDota

    VerminDota New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    I saw words like respect, honor, and philisophical. I'm not entirely sure what I read but I can't help but think we are on the precipice of a new age. Good job
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  3. Jakrasia

    Jakrasia Member

    Apr 30, 2012
    Please consider formatting left to right instead of centering everything. Also consider backing your post up with sources of your gameplay or gameplay of the same style by higher rated players.
  4. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Member

    May 19, 2010
    What are your thoughts on Aghanim's Scepter on Lone Druid?