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Let's talk Undying 7.00

Discussion in 'Meta-Game Discussion' started by ManOnTheCan, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. ManOnTheCan

    ManOnTheCan Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    He's not a popular hero but I've always like his concept. Erecting a giant phallic stone monolith in the middle of the battlefield. Growing really big as you spray decays and soul rips on people.

    I think balance-wise he is okay, and there is plenty of room for innovation. So let's talk about this. In 7.00 he got some pretty good talents. In particular, level 10 talent is a free Midas that compensates for his poor farming ability. The other preferred talents compensate for his low base stats and armor.

    I've been playing him as a roamer from level 1 with mixed success. With boots you can just spam decay and hit people, contest runes, punch the enemy roamers, etc. Once you get tomb you can gank mid or safelane.

    I like to get wand and raindrops and then save for aghs. Level 10 talent means you can get it without farming at all. After that, I've been going for greaves, but I feel there may be better builds like blade mail lotus etc.

    How do you guys play undying?
  2. Flufflesu

    Flufflesu New Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    Item build: A mix of wind lace, observers or sentries, tangoes (give 1 to mid), clarity, courier, faerie fire. Orb of venom start is okay but I only do it if we trilane.

    I play as 4 too (the roamer) usually depending on the game.
    Roam as in secure runes, harass jungler if they have one, annoy the opposing mid, make space for your weak safelaner etc. You can't really kill anything unless you trilane with lion or disruptor something with high kill potential; or they underestimate the healing and strength of undying early on and dive you or your safelaner - make them pay.
    Another way is to dual offlane with someone like nyx and legion to make the opponent safelane carry cry (if they pick a weak laner like slark).

    Skill build wise I usually go: Q, W, W and then switch around my points depending on situation (what my team needs). I usually end up with even points on all my basic spells.
    1-2-2 by 5 then save the point if a teamfight breaks out I take the ultimate (if my health is high enough to be in the centre of the battle). Sometimes I don't take ultimate at all if I am severely underlevelled.

    Item progression-wise, leave the early wind lace is as is, I usually get tranquils because undying has such terrible armor and raindrops everytime they are up.
    Arcane boots only if I max decay early on and my pos3/5 doesn't get it. With proper usage of shrines you shouldn't have an issue.
    Then I go veil for more armor and amplification if my team has heroes who benefit from it; if not I go armlet if I can abuse it and get it at a good timing. Then finally upgrade the wind laces to euls for dispels and stuff if I need it.
    *Got this idea from Lanm.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
  3. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Member

    Jun 10, 2009
    I haven't seen a dirge failing ever since 7 came out. His talent tree is kind of too good for him. His scepter is always good to have and unless enemy has bkb or an apparition,the hero is strong even late game.
    But he is a specialist type of hero and those tend to fall off later in the game due to not dealing massive damage.
  4. ManOnTheCan

    ManOnTheCan Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    +90 gpm is great and fixed Undying's biggest problem. I'm surprised he isn't picked more.

    I've been going Veils-Blademail-Aghs. I like LanM's build but I don't get enough utility out of the armlet. It's fun running around with 5000 hp and 30 armor late game.