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Guidelines for Guides - updated 12/10

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lama051, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 13, 2009
    Guidelines for Guides

    Strategy and tactics are backbone of any game, be it simpler a game like Tick-tack-toe or more complex games like Chess and our beloved Dota. As every single one of you know there are a lot of strategies, mechanics and tricks to be learned. Those are incredibly difficult to learn by yourself and that is when guide section comes in. You as a guide creator are here to help others with the steep learning curve.

    This section is for properly written guides, if you just want to discuss a specific build use Meta-game discussion section instead.

    The following rules should be obeyed while posting this specific forum, in addition to our general forum rules*.

    1. Guides consisting of just a link to reddit post, youtube video or alike will be deleted. Put some effort into your work.
    2. All guides must be at least 100 words long.
    3. Use [Hero name] in the name of the guide, if it is a non-hero guide for example about warding, use [Misc] instead

    *Please be advised that breaking any of these rules may lead to a warning and/or suspension on your account, or a removal of your post. All of our rules exist to serve the best interests of our community!

    Below this are tips on how to write a guide, that will become THE guide to read, when you want to play a hero, learn how to juke or learn some other important parts of the game we all love. Following those tips is not mandatory but highly advised as that will ensure your guide is easy to read and understand

    Few good tips
    1. Use BB codes to format your text. If you are not certain how to use some of those have a look at our guide to BB codes
    2. Make sure information that you use is accurate, look at the official site for heroes and items, or at Dota 2 wiki. Keep in mind that Dota 2 wiki is not run by Valve and as a result information found there right after patch has landed is sometimes incorrect.
    3. Include version of the game for which the guide is written. This is important due to the constant changes Dota is going through. Ideally update you guide after any remake of the hero (such as when Riki got new skill set)
    4. Do not just say do this do that in your guides. Always explain why you are taking said action or picking up that item. Anyone can take cookie cutter build and copy it mindlessly. However, properly explaining what are you doing and why, will enlighten readers more. It also fuels any subsequent discussion
    5. It is highly advised to add screenshots when you are explaining tactics or skill combos. If you can create a video even better but keep in mind it should be clear how you perform said action.
    6. Use headers, paragraphs and punctuation. It makes it easier to read as well as orientate within the guide.
    7. Use Bold/Italic/Underscore/CAPS LOCK scarcely, if half of the text is highlighted using those it loses its meaning. Use those only for extremely important parts of the guide such as: "Never swap an enemy initiator into your team!"
    8. Do not change colour of the text too much. It is incredibly annoying to read that way.
    9. If you are using work of someone else such as videos or screenshots, give them a credit by linking directly to the source. Mentioning them in the credits section at the very end would be appreciated.
    10. Try to answer as many of the questions in the discussion as you can. Even though everything crystal clear is from your view, others might still need more information to understand.

    Staff members listed below should be contacted first if you have any issues in this forum.
    If the staff below cannot help you, then please refer to our list of moderators and contact a Forum Manger or Admin. Any problems you experience with staff should also be taken up with a Forum Leader or Admin.

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