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Firestorm - Dota 2 Campaign

Discussion in 'Dota Chat' started by Telperion, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Telperion

    Telperion Member

    Dec 6, 2009
    I genuinely loved Siltbreaker when it was released in 2017, especially because it offered a new challenge that was not centered around a PVP platform like in the normal dota games and I sincerely wish that Valve could release another campaign like it in the near future. I do understand that it wasn't particularly friendly towards new players, but it was fun and engaging and I'm sorry to say, I'm very disappointed in the Underhollow this year, which didn't even compare to Dark Moon in my opinion.

    I want to propose a a possible story-line for a similar type of campaign as Siltbreaker and I would like people's thoughts on the matter. Please keep in mind that I've only drafted this story and that most of things I came up were things I just sucked out of my thumb without giving it a whole lot of thought. Maybe it can spark interest and the developers can take it further. That's really all I wish for.

    Campaign: Firestorm

    Act 1


    Billowing clouds of smoke is once again rising from the vent of the Maluwaki mountain and whispers of a nameless fear were spreading throughout the land of Turinba. The dragon is awake and the inhabitants of Cal’Calidon, a city near the Maluwaki mountain range where the dragon sleeps, are calling for aid, for they know exactly what this meant. The Demon is planning to resurface and his dragon is preparing to make way for his return. After learning of the news, 5 brave and courageous companions set out on a journey to save the city and the land at large by conquering the dragon and the Demon once and for all.

    The Highlands

    The highlands is situated north-west of the city of Cal’Calidon on the outskirts of the city gates and is inhabited by wildings, trolls and other dangerous beasts. The companions battled their way through the creatures to get to the city as this was their only avenue. There’s not just wildlings and trolls in the area though. The place is also crawling with poisonous snakes and treading on one could prove fatal. It’s not necessary to kill a snake, but killing one would grant a lucky person a useful artifact:
    Poison fang- Each physical attack on an enemy unit has a chance to paralyze the target and inflict them with a poison that slows and damages over time.

    The City of Cal’Calidon

    Once inside the city, the companions learned that a dangerous wizard was running amok and that he placed the city under a spell. The companions needed to kill the wizard to free the inhabitants from the curse, and also to leave the city, because a magical dome allowed people to come in, but not to leave. They were told that the only way through to the entrance of the mountain is through the mines, which lie on the far side of the map towards the east.

    The companions began to fight off waves of the wizard’s minions and eventually faced the wizard himself. The wizard has a chance to drop 3 artifacts after he dies.

    The Grimoire - A magical book that allows the wielder to produce a temporary dome that shields him and allies from all magical damage and it also grants 15% increased magical damage.

    The Wizard’s cloak - Grants intelligence to the wielder and gives greater mana regeneration - +20 intel and +4 mana regen/sec.

    Magical pendant - A semi-precious stone that protects the body against physical deterioration and boosts the wielder’s health when falling below critical levels – grants increased life regeneration when health falls below 40% and even more when health falls below 20%.

    After they killed the wizard, they realized that the barrier could only be destroyed by a special key that the wizard locked away in a maze to the south-west of the city.

    The Maze

    The maze presents a challenge of a different kind. There are still dangerous creatures lurking about, but the aim is to find the key that will open the barrier. Upon entering though, the companions discovered that the walls did not remain stationery. They moved, shifted and changed every now and then, forcing them to constantly seek another way out or around. There were also other traps like spikes, fires and branches that rooted a victim in place until an ally could free the trapped victim. After a long struggle with various obstacles and creatures, the companions got hold of the key and managed to lift the barrier from the city. They were finally able to head east and towards the quarry.

    The Swamps

    Outside the city gates to the east lay two ways open to them that will take them to the mines: the open road and the swamps. The open road was the straightest path, but a traveller warned them that heading in that direction would not be the best idea as marauding beasts are out on a hunt and rocks frequently fell from the mountains above due to the tremors. It would take longer to go through the swamps, but is much safer, he said. The companions, taking heed of the warning, decided to venture into the swamps. There though, they discovered that the ponds and waters frequently rose and fell like an incoming and outgoing tide. This created a nuisance, because strange water dwelling creatures kept on dragging them down if they didn’t make it to the higher ground fast enough. A new wave of water beasts also spawned after every rise and fall, which became progressively worse the longer they stayed. In the end, they decided to rush through to get clear of the swamps, but their progress was once again halted when they ran into the king of the swamps. It was a giant water-like elemental.

    The companions managed to defeat the king and the swarms vanished into the darkness thereafter. The king also dropped 3 artifacts.

    Fell Trident - Each attack has a 50% to deal splash damage in a 500 aoe. Gives +15 Agi and 15% increased movement speed.

    The Ancient malice - Gives the wielder a percentage chance to deal all the damage dealt to him or her in a brief period of time as part of their normal attack.

    Rising tide - A chance exists that the attacking unit(s) will be blasted up into the air by a countering tidal wave, damaging and stunning the targets.

    The Open road

    After the swamps, the companions had no choice but to cross the open road to reach the mines. This time though, with the set of artifacts at their disposal and with some experience gained, they were confident that they could tackle the beasts and hunters with ease. Plus, they could also get to the mines without being crushed to death by an avalanche of falling rocks.

    The open road did indeed prove difficult as the marauding beasts consisted of fell hounds, undead archers and other creatures that pursued them relentlessly. Bosses were also stationed at strategic points along the way and engaged them whenever they ventured into their territory. It was hard work that required teamwork and coordination, but they eventually succeeded.

    The Mines

    After traversing and escaping the open road, the companions found themselves in an eerily quiet and darkened place. Lights were burning dimly in the main foyer and canteen of the mine, but most of the tunnels were shrouded in darkness and winds frequently howled through them. There were torches set aside as well, but the winds presented a problem, for it blew out the torches quite easily. The miners in the town gave them special matches to use for the torches, but they only had a limited number of it. In addition to lighting the way, the torches also revealed hidden units, invisible obstacles and explosives that were placed everywhere inside the mines. It was tricky business going through the tunnels for there were other dangers as well. The spirits and ghosts that have taken up residence there frequently attacked them and their spells became even more potent when the lights went out.

    The Demon guards

    Stationed at a keep just outside the gates of the mines were the demon guards who kept watch on the southern border of the wilderness leading towards the bridge and the mountain pass. There were three guards in total. One carried a heavy shield, one a heavy blade and the other a massive javelin. If one perished, the other two were imbued with additional strength and power and the last one even more so. It was a heavy battle, but when the final guard fell, it also dropped artifacts.

    Diamond guard - A shield that grants +15 armor and has an active ability to knock back several units in a cone in front of the hero, dealing damage and stunning the units in its path.

    Eternal focus - Gives +50 damage and your attacks can never miss. Each consecutive attack on the same target also increases attack speed.

    Iron core - This item grants the wielder +30 strength and +30% status resistance.

    The Gorge

    Beyond the keep lay the gorge between the Maluwaki and the Coriwaki mountain ranges. This is a treacherous place for both friend and foe as strong winds blow almost constantly through the narrow channel. The enemy has mobilized a strong force to meet the companions and they have supplied enough warriors to fight nonstop, even if many of them perish due to the winds. The real killer was the windward spikes that were built all along the way in the gorge for this very purpose and the companions could only move forward when the winds stopped for a brief time. The problem was, the enemy has summoned 4 large beasts that were able to withstand the wind by themselves. They also made use of chains and hooks to secure themselves against the wind whenever it was up. That is, if no one else were preventing this from happening.

    After trials and error, they finally managed to kill the last beast using the spiked walls. The bridge was clear, but the mountain pass lay ahead, which presented them with another daunting task.

    The Mountain Pass

    The long and winding pathway up the mountain proved a difficult challenge yet again, for the tremors coming from below were now fast and fervent, as if the mountain itself was preparing to explode. Falling rocks made the going tough and slow and other creatures constantly harassed them from higher ground. The companions also had to work together to prevent anyone from falling to their deaths or from being separated from the group, which would surely mean death.

    The Magma Chamber - final stage

    The companions have finally come to the lair of the dragon and the heart of the mountain. The dragon's name was Rhengar. Once inside, there was no turning back. Rhengar is awake and he is ready to fight. He had the following abilities:

    Fire Breath – Rhengar takes to the air, flies around and breathes fire down onto the enemies in his path.

    Dragon tail – Rhengar will randomly slam the ground with his tail, stunning and dealing damage to heroes in a large aoe.

    Meteor shower – Channelling ability – Rhengar calls forth multiple meteors that pelt down across the entire base of the magma chamber.

    Magma tide – Channelling ability – Rhengar summons magma from the depths of the earth to blast upward everywhere around him.

    The artifacts that drop after Rhengar dies:

    Heart of the dragon – Grants the wielder incredible endurance and HP regen.

    Dragon scales – Adds 30% increased magic resistance and 30 armor, whilst doubling the armor and magic resistance the wielder already has.

    Rhengar’s fire – Adds 150 bonus damage to the wielder’s attacks as well as fire damage that can spread to nearby targets. There’s also a 35% chance to deal critical damage of 3 times the normal damage.

    End of Act 1

    As you can see, this is just a draft and if someone else comes up with a better idea, then I don't really care which one is chosen. All I want is to play another campaign like Siltbreaker.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018