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Evil Geniuses - Bleed Blue

Discussion in 'Competitive' started by Blarrg, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    PPD is a hater. He is well known for stirring the pot if doing so benefits him. Getting into people's heads is part of the game. Taking his tweets seriously is the epitome of stupidity as he is the poster child for tongue-in-cheek tweets.

    Your 2k knowledge of the game simply doesn't allow you to accurately describe why they are bad together. Nowadays, there is plenty of farm on the map for both of them. VP arguably have an even greedier set of core players yet look at how they are performing. It has nothing to do with the players, it has to do with team cohesion and decision making.

    The results alone speak for themselves. They both had massive success for almost 3 entire years together yet the moment they have bad results you're here to flame them. Go back to reddit where the EU circlejerk is endless. You don't understand the game well enough to have an actual discussion with me, which is why you've chosen to speculate Mr. "I always lose with positive KDA."

    Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.37.48 PM.png
  2. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    ok first things first: i regularly boost accs up to 6k, i even posted that here once. so im pretty damn positive im better than u ever will be, along with understanding the game. i never wanted to go that route but ur obv too dumb to realize that nicknames have nothing to do with an actual mmr number. u dont even understand the meaning of them ("oh he must be 2k if he uses such nick"). so ty for that obvious display of horrendous and downright cringy stupidity.

    second: stop fucking talking about massive success. its not there. its not like they had a bad week or smth, theyre crumbling since 2 years, this year being downright shit even. proof its not working longterm. i alrdy told why, not gonna repeat myself again.

    third: PPD is a well known hater, but hes also incredibly successful at what he does and even if hes posting agressive tweets, in couple of them there is some actual truth behind it. that is the case here. instead of doing 3 monkeys "cuz he attacked my fav team hurr" u could actually learn a thing or two by simply thinking about some of his content. also PPD desite all his saltiness and rage is - i think at least - an honest person, hes not sugarcoating anything and ppl get butthurt over it rather quickly.

    4th: i also already explained why VP's greediness is working. they have a cohesive team and move as a unit. 5 players on the same page. no fucking egos in the way. EG = 5 players running in different directions. and it is mainly because of sufails and babyrageezys egos. 2 of them is just too much., it poisons and plagues the team from within. its a hard pill to swallow, but eventually EG will finally realize it.
    if u think putting together the most skilled players is everything there is to do have a look at the german worldcup team (football). low didnt take - according to stats and how well players performed in the season - the best players, but instead hes opting for players _THAT FLOW WELL TOGETHER_. ppl are losing their minds over his decision but mind u that guy alrdy won a worldcup, so im pretty sure he knows what hes doing. anyway i think i made my point clear why sfailbabeezy wont workm longterm, and it alrdy shows.
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  3. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    Likely story. "Positive KDA, still lose." Definitely the name of a booster account with 80% winrate. LMFAO. "My losestreak > urs." Can't wait to hear the deeper meaning of these names outside of the obvious rage context of changing your name when you lose your 2k ranked matches.

    They did have massive success. Literally every EG player is extremely successful earnings wise. Arteezy is the only player who hasn't won a Valve event yet he is still #33 on the top earning Dota 2 players. The only people above him are those who won TI.

    With Arteezy + Sumail on their team, they dominated for 2.5 years placing top 3 in almost every single tournament they played. Acting like its nothing is just dismissive and stupid. Who are you to say what is success and what isn't? Because based off factual standings and tournament placements, this core duo is the most successful that has even existed.

    And you can't tell me why, and you won't, because you don't know why. You're 2k and don't have an understanding of game mechanics. VP's Ramzes and Noone are a very greedy core duo, they just play together as a team properly so it looks good.

    Lmfao. "Thinking about the content." Its a fucking tweet, there is nothing to learn. Its ppd trying to get into EG's head because they are competition. Once again, stop trying to play the armchair psychologist by inventing problems where there are none.

    Dota isn't a game about individual players or even any two specific players anymore, its about how a team communicates and makes decisions together. Maybe if you spent more time playing and thinking about the game instead of thinking about 135 character limit tweets you'd have enough understanding of the game to finally hit 3k MMR.

    Armchair psychologist. I'm literally laughing at you projecting so hard onto EG.

    VP is the most hilarious example, you really shouldn't use them. I'm using the example of VP already because they are perfect for my side of the argument. You see it all in True Sight documentaries. Russian players raging their faces off when they lose and choking at TI and somehow these players don't have "ego" to you. Now they actually work together properly without Lil so they are successful. Where did the egos go, genius? Did they just fucking DISAPPEAR?

    You're actually so god damn stupid.

    If you actually believe this is what I'm saying you may as well just stop posting.

    You're about the average intelligence of a Twitch chat poster. You literally can't post without including a Twitch meme.
  4. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    heres another acc im currently working on:

    rly just stop embarassing urself. we all know by now u suck at this game and at logic with ur stupid ass "nick=mmr=correlation". downright pathetic.

    ty for proving my point. yes u said it correctly: they did have. not massive but ye, they had success. they dont anymore. _LONGTERM_. u get it?

    my goodness ur exaggeration is almost comical. they did very good in 2k16, 2k17 we have some notable stuff but not much and 2k18 is downright forgettable. dominating 2,5 years my ass. they had a good phase but that was a long time ago. the closest they came to "dominating" was 2016. but its still a complete exaggeration, not even mentioning the team switches that happened during that phase so u cant even attribute everything in 2016 to ur dovey duo.

    that is ur fanboyish view, nothing else. ur team got attacked = u rage.
    ur pretty naive to think PPD would be able to shake up a professional organization or "getting into their heads" by a simple tweet. haha, ur embarassing rly. ur holding ur beloved team in high regards, i must say XD

    its almost glaring, thats how wrong u are. u have zero fucking clue what ur talking about. or in other words: u have never played anything in any kind of team environment whatsoever. but even a nuthead like u should understand the simplest of concepts when it comes to creating a healthy and cohesive atmosphere, ego issues inside a team are one of the biggest reasons why a team or a project fails. its never good, it nevers helps anyone, and it will slow down the whole team. a team will be just as good as its weakest part (and having ego issues IS a big fucking weak spot inside a team)

    u cant fucking lead or communicate let alone make decisions with someone who doesnt want to. jesus christ im at my wits end.
    also: yes, rageDC'ing and not gg'ing and not fucking talking after getting their asses handed is a VERY effective form of communication. not.

    see and this is where i know ur basically an autist. yes they rage their faces off, but there has been so much trust build up in the team, that it is not taken in an insulting kinda way. they will laugh it off later on. its just the way they vibe, but no one has a negative experience, they know each other too god damn well. the way theyre smiling at each other even when insults happen. ur so oblivious it hurts, 0 sensitivity for little details. ull probably never experienced friends raging at u in a non insulting way, cuz u simply must have none. what a dumb comment this is srsly, but an exposing one. now i understand why all the stuff im talking about is like a foreign language to u. in general u vastly underestimate psychological aspects and the effects they create inside a team.
    also look up some interviews about ramzes, where hes asked questions about solo. as i said: he trusts and listens to him 100%. i dont think babyrageezy will ever reach this level, cuz his shitty ego is just preventing it. even sufail was closer to it when fear was around, but hes basically the same nuthead ego wise. they will crash and burn, regardless of fly/s4.
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  5. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    Hey look this 2k player made another post completely ignoring everything.

    1. Explain how RTZ + Sumail is a bad core duo using game knowledge


    2. Prove they have an "ego" and refuse to listen to people

    You can't do either, you haven't done either, yet you continue to post like a 17 year old projecting yourself onto a Dota 2 team. We all know you teenagers go through emotional phases but please try to keep your autism to yourself.

    I'll be waiting for you to do one of those two things, until then I'll continue watching EG get better and better with their "ego" players.
  6. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    u need to learn an important life lesson: when to shut up. especially when u just got buttfucked. making a fool out of urself seems to be ur bread and butter.

    look theres simply no point in taking this any further, cuz what im esetially doing is wasting my time here with someone who wont change his mind no matter what. fanboyism at its best. the answer to ur questions is alrdy laid out in my posts, i even fucking told u how misery himself said post interview they wouldnt listen. read it up urself.

    well see how they fare @ TI, but i wont forget about this thread dont worry.
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  7. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    1. Explain how RTZ + Sumail is a bad core duo using game knowledge


    2. Prove they have an "ego" and refuse to listen to people

    Still haven't done either, 2k. You know you're wrong so you post like a child.
  8. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    dude .. i explained it alrdy, theyre failing and it is because they dont flow well together personality wise. theyre both skilled players, but thats not the point here. as i said there is more to a team than pure gaming skill. theres tons of examples of superstar team combos that failed miserably. lack of skill was their least problem.
    characters and how they fit each other matters a lot. this combo - in my eyes - is not a good fit, despite their success early on. ull say its lack of shotcalling and terrible drafting, ill say sufail/babyeezy is a tough combination for any captain to make calls on in the first place (2 huge egos). if someone refuses to listen, how can u possibly fulfill this role effectively? how can u command decisions effectively? (see point 2). the problems are deeper within the team itself, its not mere "lack of shotcalling/drafting/bad decision making". those things happen as a result of an issue underneath. if u dont trust each other ull always have shitty shotcalling and terrible decisions ingame. obviously.
    ofc i can only draw conclusions from what i see/hear about them and the actual games theyre playing, but to me it leaves the impression stated above. in some games it was blatantly obvious that they were not on the same page.

    since 2017 they are on an obvious decline. EG is trying to resolve their ongoing decline with different approaches and strategies, but so far none of them is rly working. so maybe it is time to swallow the brutal pill and rethink sufail/babyeezy and see if that makes any difference.

    edit: 2nd ... misery literally said they would refuse to listen to his commands at a certain point, so he just stopped making them. he also stated that they wouldnt talk after loses, which also tells u a lot. what more of a proof do u need?! its literally an observation made by a former shotcaller.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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  9. KinGe

    KinGe Member

    Sep 23, 2009
    So what's your mmr and age? (Resorting to calling low mmr and age as a form of insult in 2018 LMFAO just because someone makes you look like a dumpster).

    Seriously, you remind me of that one dude who had the biggest hardon for Navi in this forum and then he's literally nowhere to be found (probably dead) after seeing Navi's obvious shitty performance for consecutive games.

    EG is not a bad team, but they're nowhere close to their prime state atm.
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  10. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    I haven't resorted to anything. I very clearly stated which of the two things he needs to be able to argue. Neither of which he can properly do without resorting to ridiculous assumptions about the internal functions of a team which he obviously has no clue about.

    I literally never said they were on form or even performing well since after TI7. I'm very aware they played like utter trash and I'm actually quite critical of them on their performances. Before the Misery kick, they simply never looked cohesive at all with him captaining, and their drafts were utter trash and they never really tried to adapt to the meta.

    Of course, when Misery is kicked you're only going to hear his side of the story where "everyone refused to listen to him." But once again, its one side of the story. Why won't they listen to him? Maybe he kept making shitty calls? Maybe other people on the team disagreed with what he said but he insisted on them listening to him? There are plenty of reasons why a team's trust with each other can be broken, and specifically saying its because of "Sufails and Babeezy's" egos is dishonest and inaccurate since the team has already had massive success with those two on the same roster for a long time.

    Misery has always been known as a rager in the scene as well. He has never stayed on a team for long and typically is the one that gets kicked. EG brought him in to see if he was the captain they needed, but obviously they didn't mesh well, so they have switched.

    There is also the factor of the patch. This patch is very fast paced, much faster than even TI4 meta. EG have always been a team that have strong high ground and amazing late game decision making. So a patch that is as fast as this one in particular truly challenges the team's comfort playstyle.

    Now with Fly and S4, they actually seem way more cohesive. Arteezy has always trusted S4 and Fly is a very level-headed person. You can see them making decisions as a team, smoking offensively more often, going for the plays that are needed to win the game, and even some very experimental drafts in the open qualifiers. Sometimes those decisions don't work but at least they do it together and even comeback from giant failure mid-game fights that would normally lose a game.

    Obviously I'm a fan of EG, that is why this thread exists. But I'm certainly not some idiot who defends how great they are constantly. Me calling out someone who takes the content of a tweet by PPD seriously is not "blind fanboyism," its realism. PPD easily had the biggest ego of EG, but he was a great captain and I appreciate who he is as a person, despite his hard-headedness. Sumail and Arteezy do not come off as people with huge egos when they speak to each other. They come off as people who have ideas for the game as well, and want their input taken seriously (which btw, is why Aui got kicked from EG after TI5). Having input and wanting your opinions and calls being taken seriously, especially as a core player, is not being egotistical. PPD and them did not see eye to eye, and that is fine. PPD has obviously found success with another team that hopefully agrees with his approach to the game. Calling Sumail and Arteezy as a duo who can't afford to be on the same team just because they have a different viewpoint on how they feel communication should be handled is bullshit.
  11. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    Nice so you are able to Post normally without crying blindly cuz someone has a different view on ur fav team. Props.

    Speaking about views ... yea no shit sherlock literally everyone here can only speculate as to Why shits hitting the fan. thats what ppl do on forums, sharing views. no one here has team insight, neither do u yet u somehow claim to know better. its incredibly annoying and chidlish. we are on the same page, u dont know a tad bit more just because ur an obvious self proclaimed eg fanboy. get off ur horse and accept ppl will have different opinions, then we can start discussing normally. ur last post shows some effort at least.
    I laid out in Detail Why im thinking this way, all u did so far was being butthurt without rly telling what - according to u - is the issue. PPD is a hater, misery only tells his side of the story, ridiculous assumptions ... see all this screams about fanboyism, flat out disregarding everything that doesnt fit ur view and screaming "NO! THEY ARE WRONG!". 3 monkeys.
    what about the interwiev with babeezy where he talked in detail about his very own _ego_ problems in the past? where he even admits to thinking hes above everyone else? hes a hater right? oh wait that doenst make sense here ...
    ill ask u this: do u think it is easy for anyone captaining someone who thinks hes hottest shit? do u think this person will easily follow instructions or rather start disrespecting u when even the slightest mistake will happen, even if it happens subtle? do u think this mindset is healthy in a teamgame like dota? and what if we have 2 ppl on this team of the same caliber ego wise (just fucking watch sufails tweets/interviews, especially the early ones? "king is back to mid") do u think it is easier to control one huge ego than 2 of those? could it maybe, JUST MAYBE be, that all the problems we see ingame (lack of teamplay, running in different directions, bad decisions, shitty drafts, "solo plays" dragging down the team) stem from a bigger issue than a simple "bad captain"? ofcourse it is ALWAYS easier to find a scapegoat rather than admitting that ur flashy superduo might not be the best idea after all. a company like EG has a big interest in keeping the dream alive, they draw in sponsors and gather a massive amount of fans. but it might be wrong holding onto smrh that might simply not work after all. u as much as i can only speculate. only time will tell, but so far it doenst look promising since at least 2017. this years TI will be the most important one for them, even more so for rtz.
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  12. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    Read your posts. Speculation is a word that doesn't even come close to describing how you speak. You spoke with absolutes. Here are some examples of your "speculations." You come here acting high and mighty and now you are backpedaling hard on your opinion. First its absolutism and with an attitude that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid, now its "everyone can speculate, its a forum, hehehehe." As I said before, you're an idiot. So have fun reading the following:

    Man, lots of speculation going on here. Anyone who disagrees with you is "too stupid." Its a combo that "will never" work. Then, I post a reply saying its nonsense.

    So you can see here that the post you just made and what you said previously has absolute cognitive dissonance. "Nobody here has team insight," but here you are, proclaiming that what you are saying is absolutely correct. With a disgusting attitude at that. So of course I'm going to throw the poison back at you. You're a child.

    You come back with more bullshit.

    Your citations are fucking tweets and a nonexistent interview. Is what you said true? Who knows! I will trust everything these people say because it supports my opinion, but these other things coming from this other guy I won't believe because it doesn't support my opinion!

    Here is an actual quote from Arteezy in July of 2017.

    Wow. Its almost like exactly what I said was completely right and you were full of shit. Many of the posts after this are you repeating the same thing, just really failing to understand the very simple point I was making. Trying to psychoanalyze PPD tweets as something meaningful and pretending that 2.5 years of success isn't long-term success. What a fucking joke.

    I even laid out very simple instructions for you, that you failed to follow, and continued to flame. You type like a pre-teen, and you act like a pre-teen. But now that you've been called out on your shit with a proper explanation, you backpedal and still pretend that you're right. Fucking laughable. Now lets get to the rest of your post.

    No, idiot. I never claimed I had any insight at all. Would you like to quote me where I made any assumptions about the inner dynamics of the team? I simply never did. I asked questions about why Misery would think he wasn't listened to, which is actual speculating. I offered possible reasons as to why he would think such things and why certain things may have happened. I never even attempted to say they were factual.

    I never claimed I knew better either. I was simply saying that you DIDN'T know. And your assumptions were completely unfounded and ridiculous. Me telling you that your claims are baseless is a denial of your argument, not me saying that I am correct. I offered several reasons as to why everything you said made no sense, but of course you couldn't follow it.

    We are not on the same page. Have you read anything at all?

    At least you said opinions this time. Maybe you should've started with that instead of saying anyone that disagrees with you is stupid, huh? Calling me a child when you are the one coming in here with baseless assumptions combined with flaming and calling anyone who disagrees with you as stupid is what is annoying and childish. Not me putting you in your place.

    My very first post detailed the issue you fucking illiterate. The only butthurt person here is you. So much so that you've almost completely fallen back on your original post. Now everything you said is just your opinion even though you stated it as fact. And now I'm the child for calling you out on what you were doing. Remember what I said before about projection? Ya, you're doing that right now.

    How are these ridiculous assumptions? PPD is well known for tongue-in-cheek comments and fucking with people. Have you ever watched his stream? And Misery did tell only his side of the story, that is how it works. He described how he felt in the situation. That is one side of the story, that is the only side of the story you are quoting, and you are treating it as an exact reenaction of the events. Lmfao.

    No. Its called being realistic and reasonable. I'm not saying what Misery said is false, I'm saying he obviously is going to be biased in how he perceives things. Even if what PPD said sincere, it is, once again, a biased perception of what he believes is proper.

    *Citation needed*

    Oh you said past. When is the past? Was this interview in 2014? 2015? I gave you a quote from mid 2017. Is that good enough for you? Or is the quote not valid because it doesn't agree with your opinion and he is just stupid?

    Wait wait wait. I thought you got over your stupid fucking assumptions? And here you are doing it again? Well hot damn this might be the quickest turn around I've ever seen. You can't stop yourself. You're unhinged. Control your brain.

    By the way the phrase for what you are doing here is called "begging the question."
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  13. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    srsly getting tired of ur shit, but lets go

    if u need an explicit indication "what follows is an opinion" in an _open forum_ i cant help u anymore. dont be such a fucking sissy god damn.

    again stop being such a fucking sissy. stupid in a sense for not seeing it. to me the problem is clear and i have valid reasons to believe so. and dont fucking take my quote out of context, i explained that i meant it wont work _LONGTERM_. it worked in the beginning, but thats mainly due to everyone having a new start and being freshly motivated. the interesting part regarding a specific team happens when the first problems occur and the way how they handle those. thats when the true character comes to the surface. then and ONLY then u can tell if the project will be succesfull in the long run. so far theyre on a steady decline since 2017 and it doesnt look to promising, its quite the opposite actually its getting gradually worse. so EG obv isnt very succesful in handling problems. what i am trying to do here since 2 fucking pages is explaining WHY this is. to me it is only a matter of time until either sufail or rageezy leaves the team.
    also lets not fucking forget ur basic reply to the first somewhat critical post in this dumbass circle jerking EG thread: "you are 2k, shut up". even when i proved the opposite ud still babble the same BS until finally someone other than me caved in and called u out on ur stupid ass shit. thats when u started to finally crwal out of ur ass and reply in a normal manner. u have a big fucking problem with different views and it shows dramatically. ur not in the slightest position to claim any moral highgrounds so kindly fuck off.

    what fucking poison? dude u played 3 monkeys and the absolute moronic "u dont know anything about this game" card in the beginning and im not supposed to come back at u agressively? again, dont be a fucking sissy and stop with this ridiculous victim mentality BS here. no one is buyning it. ur an asshole fine, u gonna get treated like an asshole. simple. end of story. its not my fucking business that ur a stuck up bitch when it comes to alternate views, keyboard warrior.

    now this is srsly pissing me off dude. nonexistent interview?! NONEXISTENT?! look this is exactly what im talking about: u will disregard EVERYTHING that doesnt fit ur fucking BS. to me this is typical fanboy behaviour. its boring and its a timewaste. wtf makes u think that im making up an interview u god damn moron. ill come back with the quote, dont worry. but i alrdy know ull say some shit like "oh this is just an interview" "oh its obvious hes trolling" "oh its way back" "oh hes known for being an edgelord" or whatever fucking idea ull come up with, just so ur little EG world stays intact. hilarious.

    "heres an AKSCHUAHL quote from rtz." go fuck urself srsly, ur about to get embarassed big time arrogant faggot.

    its getting comical again. hows that quote contradicting in ANY way? im saying he has ego problems, ur quoting him saying he has problems with strong personalities like PPD and puppey. literally tells u he has a hard time not being the center of attention too. translation: "im only functioning when my voice is being heard and no one is challenging me on it too much". great fucking teamplayer we have here.

    oh im tired of this. for the last father fucking time: 2016=good year, 2017=starting of decline, 2018=disaster. only in blergs world this will be regarded as 2,5 full years of "success". or like u used (!) to say "dominating straight for 2,5 years". dumb troll. yet ur the one telling me i dont stay true to my opinion. goodness gracious.
    also im not psycholanalyzing any of PPD'S tweets, wtf ur talking about?!?!?!? i just take his opinion in a literal way cuz he has unquestionable experience in the field. YOU (!!!) are the one analyzing his stuff saying "hes well known for being salty, stiring grandmas pot hurr derp durr". what the fucking fuck man.

    again, dont fucking play the fucking "u act like child heee" card here, u were as much of an asshole if not more. dont do it, its completely embarassing. u dindt call out shit on me, fucking LOL. even more funnier, instead YOU got called out here from someone else whos not even involved in the discussion. im rly starting to pity u.
    also im not backpedaling on my opinion, i just started to talk to u in a normal manner cuz u seemed to cool down after someone called u out on ur dumb trolls, actually saying more than "u 2k". u mistake that for "backpedaling", another sign of urs for being completely socially retarded. i wont do this mistake again, ur easily one of the biggest shitheads on PD thats for sure.


    cuz he said it in a post-kick interview. fullstop.

    guys, were making progress here!

    no one here can know. again: open forum. its funny that u need specific explanation for this.

    they are not unfounded. i asked very simple questions in my posts above which should hint u to "WHY I AM THINKING THE WAY I DO". u didnt answer any of those, cuz it wouldnt help u. so basically u resort again to ur usual "u just know nothing". ur like a broken record. jon snow is secretly crying.

    not opinion wise u fucking troll. no one of us is part of EG. get it now?

    im not going to extram mark "an opinion" in an open forum, if thats what ur hoping for. repeating myself here again. and were not going to start with that "baseless" shit again, are we?

    alright "bad drafting, not shotcalling, bad decisions" if i remember correctly. to which i already replied that this might be a result of a bigger underlying issue. to which i also laid out reasons why i believe theres is a bigger issue. ur looking at the surface. ur searching the scapegoat. to me this is mere scratching on the surface. but u dont care for reading carefully let alone trying to answer anything. its more important for u to play ur favourite assumption record whenever something more complex hits ur brain. we all know that by now.

    see above. i wont do this mistake again and treat u nicely anymore, dont worry.

    ohmaghad, free me!!! anyone!!!

    the only thing im projecting is how much of a moronic fanboy u are

    "i can psycholanalyize, but u cant! i am BLARG OKEH?!"

    good, so essentailly we could take this an have a civilized discussion about it. if its not false, then its of value at least right? and i would very much agree that hes biased, but u destroyed any normal argument we could have about this alrdy. for me its too late now. u had ur chance and im so frikking tired of ur fanboyish BS.

    same thing.


    "At TI5, I felt I was the best player in the world. I had a very individualistic view of the game: in my mind I'd always own and my team would suck. I'd always blame them, but that's the problem. We probably would've won TI5 if I was a better team-mate, honestly."

    wait ill put the best part in bold again

    "We probably would've won TI5 if I was a better team-mate, honestly."

    seems like im doing my homework here which is quite pathetic considering ur a full blown EG clown. so much for ur "non existent interviews". they dont exist in YOUR HEAD thou. we are all very well aware of that. living in a bubble must be tough, id recommend getting some fresh air from time to time.
    funny thing is he doesnt even mention failure was only because of some "game knowledge" related stuff. it was largely due to his ego. remember when i wrote a thing or two about psychological aspects and the effects they create inside a team?! how important it is? and how u underestimate them?! and now look: even ur baby agrees that his ego issues completely caused a team to crumble \o/. isnt it ironic blerg?

    and before u say " BUT THAT WAS BILLIKN YEARS AGO HES DIFFFFIREHRENT NOW" (which doenst take anything away from his ego being the reason for faulire): no, i personally dont think so.
    oh and also: know when to shut up.

    um this specific iview is from feb 2018. its 'past', ye?

    thats cool and all but i alrdy said something to ur beloved quoted iview.

    "i wont answer the questions cuz otherwise i cant defend my fanboyish stance and suck sufail off. and babeezy. at the same time. with my arms tied"
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  14. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    Oh, good. I'm glad you're doubling down on your attitude and shitty use of language!

    No I expect people who start throwing their opinions around to know that what they are saying is an opinion and not call other people idiots or stupid for disagreeing with them. The only time someone uses such words to describe what they are saying is when they truly believe what they are saying is factual.

    I called you out on that, several times. You dismissed it. You can't hide behind anything anymore, as your intentions were quite clear with everything you said. If what you stated was "just your opinion" and not something you believed as fact, you wouldn't be calling be delusional or people "fanboys."

    Even when I called you out on what you are saying was just an assumption, you fired back anyway and continued being a fuckboy. Nobody who takes themselves even remotely seriously goes around stating their "opinions" and follows it up with "if you disagree with me you're stupid and delusional."

    I don't think a sissy would call you out on your bullshit like I am right now. In fact, what I'm doing is the exact opposite of being a sissy. I'm putting you in your place.

    They were arguably the strongest and most consistent team for 2.5 years and that isn't long term success for you? You're literally impossible to please. Is VP a long term successful team to you now? A patch team that has failed for years and only this season is performing well? Is whoever doing well at any point in time the long term successful team to you?

    I'm very quick to identify the kind of people I'm talking with. Your very first post came off as a delusional hater, and your second post's only defense was a PPD tweet. I already knew that you were a hater, with a mind that can't be changed. You were going to find excuses for anything you said. I was right.

    You didn't prove anything you dunce. Your proof was a fucking PPD tweet. Your proof is saying Ramzes listens to Solo (despite VP clearly stating they make calls as a team very recently). Wow great proof mate you really showed me how EG communicate with each other internally. Using your standards of proof I could prove the Earth is fucking flat.

    Look in the fucking mirror, dude. Get a fucking grip. Your first post screams that you're a raging little teenager. I respond to you calmly. Then you continue on with your vitriol. And now you're saying you flamed me because I flamed you? Christ. I gave you your chance to not sperge out like an autist and you didn't take it. So now I'm exposing you for the shitty person and stupid person you are.

    I said nonexistent because you didn't cite anything.

    I'm ready.

    This is hilarious. Its perfect. Your response to this is so perfect. I couldn't have asked for something more hilarious to prove how biased you are.

    Arteezy literally says "everyone has their own perspective on things and sharing ideas to evolve them is team building, I like when my opinion is valued, too." Your interpretation of this is that its an EGO problem? Are you fucking insane? This quote is the exact OPPOSITE of egotistical. Being forced to listen to PPD or Puppey is an indication that PPD and Puppey are the ones with egos.

    This is fucking hilarious. You are so full of hate that your brain dysfunctions so that you hear things the way you want to hear them. Its unbelievable. A literal fucking quote from Arteezy but you felt the need to "translate" it because you certainly know him better. Armchair psychologist coming through.

    2015 - dominating, top 3 in almost every tournament.
    2016 - dominating, top 3 in almost every tournament
    half of 2017 - top 3 in almost every tournament

    2.5 years. Count them. In fact, don't count. Just read.


    Shit wait you can't read. How do I prove this to you?

    Taking a ppd tweet literally. I've already explained to you why that is stupid. Stop.

    You're literally a child. Your last couple of posts have proven me more correct about you than I could've hoped for. If you hadn't backpedaled so hard you would at least somewhat get away with your shit. I was being a dick because I already knew the kind of person you were going to be. I didn't want to deal with you. I gave you two options to prove, you chose neither. You chose to continue acting like a kid. You decided to take it so ridiculously far that I'm pretty much forced to respond just so that you shut the fuck up.

    Normal manner? Your post after that was still full of flame, kid. You're literally incapable of hearing people say that your opinion is not strongly supported. You're incapable of hearing that your assumptions are dishonest and completely unfounded.

    Did you read his post? He wasn't calling anyone who disagreed with him an idiot. I talk to normal people in a normal way. I respond to teenagers like this.

    You don't understand what I'm saying. I've explained specifically how you're backpedaling already in this post. If you've forgotten, you can go back up and read it. I even broke it down for you and explained it with each of your individual posts with the one before this one. But apparently you didn't get it.

    If I'm one of the biggest what does that make you? You were the first person to post in this thread in months, very aggressively at that. Calling anyone who doesn't agree with you stupid. I responded calmly with absolutely 0 flame about how your assumptions are nonsense. You respond back with more flame.

    Its literally in the fucking posts. I quoted the fucking posts for you. No matter how hard you try to paint me as a shithead, its definitely moreso you. I'm not going to sit here and treat you with respect when you quite clearly do not deserve any form of it.

    And? How does this change anything? Are you missing my point again?

    There is no progress here. My opinion from the very beginning has never changed.

    Then stop acting like you do. This is an example of your backpedal by the way in case you've forgotten already.

    They are unfounded, because there are just as many sources claiming the exact fucking opposite of your shitty "opinion" that you completely ignore. Perfect example being how you interpreted the Arteezy quote. This is exactly why I didn't answer. You're proving everything I already assumed about you right now.

    Get what now? That you're strawmanning? From the very beginning my position was that you don't know shit. Here is my very first reply to you. I'll color the important parts in red again so that you can hopefully focus on that content.

    What you seem to be missing here is that I never took a side. My stance was that you cannot say what you're saying because its baseless assumptions. My stance was simply denying what you claim to be true because you did not have any evidence to support it.

    Okay well next time you say your opinion don't use English words that imply absoluteness. Don't prematurely flame anyone who disagrees with your opinion either. Also don't call people also stating their opinion as delusional.

    When you do these things, you are putting yourself in a position where the other person will believe that you think what you are saying is factual.

    I'm very aware that there were internal issues with the team. No fucking shit sherlock, I mentioned possible reasons in my post. You took the position of claiming it was RTZ and Sumail ego, based off literally nothing but a tweet and a biased interview from someone who got kicked. Meanwhile there are countless numbers of interviews from Arteezy and people who played with Arteezy showing that he is chill and just wants his opinion to be worth something when playing a game. The only thing you have against Sumail is his fucking tweets, of all things.

    Ah yes. I wish I could go back to those times of you being a nice little boy calling me a stupid delusional average EG fanboy.

    I see. This almost perfect irony. Almost. Just one word was messed up, damn.

    What am I psychoanalyzing? Can you explain?

    Lmao. You're literally incapable of civilized discussion. You have once again missed my point.

    And once again, you prove my point.

    Things that go against your viewpoint you either forcefully misinterpret and things that go with your viewpoint you agree with instantly. From the same person nonetheless.

    From the beginning, I already knew that you were a blind hater and nothing would change your mind. I was very correct. Also, this is full of strawman, lmfao.

    And the timeframe of the context was 2015. Sounds pretty old.

    And of course it wasn't valid to you, because you willfully flipped the entire quote on its head and attempted to infer the opposite. Your brain is very special.

    Its called begging the question. You're assuming that the opposite of my stance is correct and completely shifting the goal posts of the argument so that answering the question implies that your premises are true. Answering that question is detrimental because it doesn't actually address the point of the argument.

    I told you what you did and you still look like a fool. You're completely oblivious to yourself.
  15. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    sheesh, its exploding! BLERG is reaching his final form!

    to me its blatantly obvious, but ultimately it will be an opinion. were talking about a team here participating in pro curcuit shitshow. its not science. stop hanging urself over the use of witty language, sissy.

    im not even trying to hide it anything, wtf. again: this is an open forum about a game and their pro teams, we aint discussing math formulas or some shit. there is hardly any other possibility than 'opinions' here.

    interestingly enough the avrg fanboy is indeed 'delusional'. not only are there surveys out there proving this point (football for example), but by very definition a fanboy is not even taking things into consideration that go against their team. pretty much what u did. u instantly put the idea of a failing duo aside, calling it "nonsense". there are tons of ppl out there who think the duo is an issue, even pro players themselves, even in THIS THREAD someone also thinks that the combo aint good. but it doenst interest u, cuz the only purpose of ur existence in this thread here is to defend whatever is left of ur "EG pipedream". u are not even neutral to begin with in the first place.
    but honestly i cant even blame u. ur ridiculous and cringy introduction to this thread makes it very clear with what anyone here will be dealing if he dares to voice a different view.

    ur butthurt to no end over complete BS, shifting away from the argument itself. thats pretty much a sissy to me.

    ah finally. the interesting part starts. no more sissy shit. straight facts now. oh boi, this is going to be good. im literally jumping in joy as im writing this. i mean this is something where we can exactly pinpoint BS, with underlying facts and NUMBERS!! :D i truly love that u wont back from ur fanboyish stance in this case. aight lets do this shall we?

    wait, before we begin there needs to be a correction, as in the quote above ur magically talking about "consistent team for 2.5 years. nah. we will take the original post, no escape here blargi ->

    lmfao indeed.

    ok so first things first:

    - according to u the crushing duo domination starts 2015 and remains for the entirety of it. h'okay. u sure about that? sry i must be blind or smth, but the first appereance of sufail+babyrageezy in 2015 is esl new york. that is precisely in october 2015. were not trying to cheat here, are we? somehow magically squeezing in 9 months of "dominating duo success" when theyre simply not existing ... hm what could be said about that? oh i remember! fanboyish delusion! and now we even have some actual numbers to back up that use of words. great isnt it? ur simply talking out of ur fucking ass and u are AGAIN showing that ur unable to do your homework, even with something as easy as this. with whom am i even talking here?! ur not even a challenge in the lightest sense. ur downright dumb, and i mean it. theres no recovery from this anymore, u failed in stunning fashion here. but it gets better.

    - "dominating" in 2015 .. we have 4 events. results:

    - one 8th placement (bad)
    - one 2nd (good)
    - one 3rd (ok)
    - one 1st (awesome)

    fucking domination people!!! do u even know what 'domination' means? hint: it isnt a 5-8th place. it isnt a 3rd place. its not even a 2nd place. dominating =/= being beaten by a team. if someones dominating hes not only winning, hes outright outplaying his opponents to an unusual extent. all of them. where in the fucking fuck do u see it??!?!? top 3 is not dominating by very defintion u fucking nut. stop using poor language here or stop using words that please ur pathetic fanboy brain.
    the duo only dominated one(!) event in 2015, out of 4. the other 3 events they got beaten. ur fanboyisms so frikkin moronic it hurts. we have 1 month of 'domination' so far.

    lets move on to 2016.

    - 5 events till may. results: one 1st, rest 3rd or 2nd. rly good i must say, but dominating? nah. they where close but got beaten, hence didnt dominate. 2 months of domination in total.

    now we have a break of the 'dominating' duo from may until after ti 2016. after ti we have 6 events left for the rest of 2016 with the duo being back together. results: two 1st placements, rest 2nd, 3rd or 4th. successful year? undoubtly. dominating since 2015? nope. adding 2 months so in total we now have 4 months of domination during period october 2015- end of 2016.

    one interesting thing to notice here is that out of the 15 events we had so far, 9 of them where with ppd+sufail+babyrageezy. they placed 2,6nd on average with him, which is mainly attributed to the failure that was esl new york. rest of 2016 without ppd they placed 2,5nd on average, playing less events. with PPD they were having similar results with more events to their belt and also two 1st placements, despite babeezy saying he couldnt get along with him. since the departure of PPD the situation in EG is going from "having similar results" to "getting gradually worse", proving that the duo is not working longterm.

    so lets go to 2017, u still good?

    - this time we have no duo break and 12 events in total. results: two 1st, one 2nd, two 3rd and the rest is 4 or worse with a shiny 10th placement at the international. complete domination indeed. they averaged a 4,25th placement and are far away from their goals. im not even going to bother with 2018, cuz its not even worth mentioning anymore.
    anyway we are adding 2 months of domination and have a total of 6 - what u can call - 'dominating' months, timeframe end of 2015-2017. fucking comical.

    the facts:

    - 2,5 years of domination is complete BS
    - since the duo came to EG theyre doing gradually worse with 2018 being a disaster.
    - ur duo placed 10 at ti. in comparison: since PPD came to EG he managed to place 2 times 3rd at ti, one time winning the whole thing. with either babeezy OR sufail on the team, but never with BOTH of them. do u see a pattern here maybe? and the moment ur duo started participating in ti, squeezing out PPD beforehand, eg fails miserably after having 3 incredible runs at ti. this should ring massive bells for u. but i know ull stay delusional. if u still think ppds tweet is just a mere product of his saltmine and not a massive truthbomb instead, ur lost forever.


    tbh i think ur socially retarded and have no clue about social interactions IRL. "my only defense is a PPD tweet". ill stop right there, i cant take this serious. what a waste of fucking time. i laid out in detail why i think this combo is bad. even the naked numbers speak for me now, mr. 2.5-years of-domination. plz try to suck their dicks harder, i know u can do it.

    that was not what i refered to here.

    dont be mad. i made a comparison between EG and VP, why VP's working and EG is not atm. its reasonable.

    good, so now that we both showed that we are capable of flaming each other, with u being not a tad bit better than me, maybe we can move on finally. "but u started first muuuuuh". mum?

    how about u just take my word for it and take off ur fanboy glasses?

    "i like when my opinion is valued, too" = "i hate when my opinion is being challenged by strong personalities". in the context of babeezy - to me - it makes sense. but its not even important. that quote is rly thin, the interview i posted is far more valubale in determining wether he has ego issues or not.

    no its not, cuz ur taking it out of context. it is a tiny fraction of a bigger picture. as i said the interview i posted is far more valuable for evalution with him literally and _DIRECTLY_ stating and admitting that his EGO was the sole reason for failure. it is not possible to make it any more clearer than in this statement. not even a delusional faggot like u can misinterpret that.
    now THAT SATEMENT IS 100% THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF BEING NON EGOISTICAL AND A TEAMPLAYER, ur fucking shit above is vague in comparison. hes not stating in any kind of way directly that hes non egoistical. hes having a fucking chat about how he thinks a team should work, only to admit in later interviews that he cant hold true to his own standards. but honesty comes a long way, and i certainly appreciate that about him. u on the other hand are just a digsgusting boot licker unable to accept flaws in persons u root for, desperately holding ur tiny bubble intact. even when they tell u otherwise.

    where does he say hes being forced to? lol. stop talking out of ur ass. he said he has a hard time accepting the fact that his voice is being overshadowed. that its creating the feeling that hes not being heard, or that his opinions not important. cuz thats not how he functions. if anything ur quote tells u that hes not an easy character to begin with. wait he alrdy admitted that he has ego issues. gotta come up with something else fanboy.
    and now just try imagine putting together 2 difficult personalities like this into one team ... the potential for internal issues is huge, should be quite clear. i cant fucking understand how ur unable to aknowledge this, even partly. downright idiotic fanboyism theres no other way.

    its too late for u to try that reverse psychology thingy. way too late.

    just gonna repeat myself here: dominating =/= being beaten by a team. if someones dominating hes not only winning, hes outright outplaying his opponents to an unusual extent. where in the fucking fuck do u see it??!?!? top 3 is not dominating by very defintion u fucking nut.
    stop using poor language here or stop using words that please ur pathetic fanboy brain.

    just quoting this because its so god damn hilarious. ur literally fistfucking urself here.

    its a better idea for evaluating the situation in EG than ANYTHING U came up with so far. all u do is defending ur phantasy world about the EG duo. i laid out in detail why its well justified to take this tweet literally.

    3 monkeys, i invite u to read again. this time u even got some actual numbers to play with as to why the DUO is NOT WORKING.

    honestly, i dont think ur able to come back here.

    yup, this was already adressed numerous times. stop repeating urself. also: there are people in this thread already supporting my opinion. ur the one having the hard time here, im chillin like mad.

    XDDDD wait, here for u again:

    know when to shut the fuck up blarg, srsly. u lost hard on this one.

    i understand that ur a fanatic fanboy. is there more to it? im curious.

    *victimcard*. deep down ur a good person blargi. keep telling that to urself. pat urself on the back. BUT: the world aint all sunshine and rainbows. and ur still a retarded fanboy that probably deserves an agressive approach. and as we all could see the true personality of blerg derp came to the surface. isnt it beautiful?

    um no. it still means that they didnt listen to him, yea. no problems here.

    healing the disease that is fanboyism is not an easy one. give urself time, dont rush.

    again and again and again: u can stop interpreting it like that now, i told u alrdy. ill tell u a secret: sometimes u need to speak in absolutes in order to build thought patterns. dont be such a massive pussy, its not like im hurting u here.

    nah dude. even the statistics are telling u: duo aint going bro! this is something u cant bend sadly. and im just adding some flavour to it from various sources. look how boring this all would be if we just stayed at scapegoating, or "bad calls".

    um, no. u took a side by saying its nonsense.

    the problems u listed (there are many more btw) stem from the duo. ofc i cant know for 1000%, but we talked about this alrdy a gazillion times. i have valid reasons to believe the way i do + statistics. its not that hard actually. i know its hard for u, but if u just added " wether it is attributed to the duo ... is not my position" this thread would cool down dramatically. i still find it hilarious that this possibility doesnt even cross ur mind when even other ppl in this thread had similar thoughts. thats whats so annoying about u, that stubborn fanboyish stance. i dont think ull change ur mind until one of them will finally leave. even then u will keep spilling BS, i know it.

    add statistics now. u wanted it u got it. and also u forgot the interview with babyrageezy and the other countless conclusions i drew. wehter theyre valid or not is open for discussion, but u didnt even try.

    theres an important point ur missing: if babyrageezy and sufail are seperated that might very well be true. its the combo that makes things worse. and also no, theres not only fucking tweets about sumail, theres iviews, ingame footage of him flaming, leaving, ragefeeding down mid and other stuff that does make him look like a total shithead at times. i even remember specific interviews where he stated, too, thinking that hes the best or talking about weak skill of his opponents and is unable to take scrims seriously. great indications.
    well too bad, now we got 2 ppl on the same team thinking theyre hot shits. working out great so far!

    "he is well known for" ye? u do know him? amazing. or are u just drawing conclusions from what u read/see about him in the interwebs? ur allowed to do that but i cant? meeeep, thats not how it works blargi.

    what were really proving here that u wont even accept stuff that obviously goes against ur interpretation of reality. and its not that im misinterpreting, if we compare both interviews - which i alrdy told u - the quote i gave u is much more clearer and much more consequent in its delivery. zZzzZz. do smth new.

    THANKS! u took the bait. now its interesting! so ur telling me hes a different person now and got over his self admitted ego issues. what makes u think that? drawing conclusions? interviews? assumptions? maybe ud like to take the quote from the same interview where he says its not like that anymore? is that enough for u to to clear any doubts left? maybe he still got those issues after all, i mean its not easy to overcome such stuff ud surely agree. its deeply ingrained in the personality. i takes a lot of effort to change such fundamental things. u think hes successful at it? why? do the results support ur view? if u watch EG playing do they seem like a cohesive unit to u? questions about questions, lets see what u come up with.

    just answer it, i just want ur opinion. dont be a sissy now. no bait. pinky promise.
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  16. NaL-Ra

    NaL-Ra Member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Wow. Impressive post.
    Read him like an open book for 5 year old's.

    One thing, thought:
    Whats the average placement of other teams, I wounder ?
    Does any other team have better average placement within that time frame, of those 2 playing together ?

    Its clear as day that there is no dominance, Blairg just like to throw words around cause they sound good, without even knowing their meaning, but, are EG, at least, the best in "average placement" within that time frame ?

    Wait, Blargg actually means something ?
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  17. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    tbh i dont know, i was focusing on dismantling blargs 'domination' BS. but it would be interesting to know, i agree. maybe ill look into it.

    and about his nick, i imagine thats whats going on in his brain when he writes posts.

    edit: this is what im reminded of

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  18. Blarrg

    Blarrg Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    Sorry for the late reply I'm sure you were waiting anxiously for this. I had a pretty busy week at work.

    When it comes to communication of ideas, your use of language is important. Once again, if it was "just your opinion," you wouldn't be calling others stupid for disagreeing with you. You're a massive rager on the forums and I'm sure it doesn't change when you're playing a game. You're probably overall a horrible person to be around.

    You're trying to hide the fact that you were obviously in the wrong. You attacked on a personal basis and now you're trying to take the moral high ground by stating "I was just stating my opinion and you attacked me!!!" You can't play both sides of the coin.

    The average hater is indeed delusional. Not only are there surveys out there proving this point (football for example), but by very definition a fanboy is not even taking things into consideration that are for the team they hate. Pretty much what you did, you instantly put the idea of what you said being ridiculous aside, calling it "delusional fanboy logic." There are tons of people out there who think this duo is not an issue, even pro players themselves, even in THIS THREAD someone also thinks the combo is good. But it doesn't interest you, because the only purpose of your existence in this thread is to attack whatever is left of EG's bad season. You are not even neutral to begin with in the first place.

    Also, you're begging the question again.

    My introduction that was clearly posted ironically? I literally wrote it just to make people laugh. Do you see those pictures? Do you see the sentences? Do you really think I was writing this with a serious face? You're socially inept. You hate on others just for having fun with things. Jesus Christ.

    I'm not butthurt at all. You seem way more angry tbh.

    ah finally. the interesting part starts. no more sissy shit. straight facts now. oh boi, this is going to be good. im literally jumping in joy as im writing this. i mean this is something where we can exactly pinpoint BS, with underlying facts and NUMBERS!! :D i truly love that u wont back from ur fanboyish stance in this case. aight lets do this shall we?

    wait, before we begin there needs to be a correction, as in the quote above ur magically talking about "consistent team for 2.5 years. nah. we will take the original post, no escape here blargi ->

    You're so fucking delusional dude. Look at yourself. 3rd place is "ok." 2nd place is just "good." Averaging 4.25th place in every tournament sounds pretty good to me, especially since they were invited to just about every premium tournament you can think of.

    You'll literally say anything to deny that EG was dominating. Its hilarious.

    And I've already laid out in detail why you're an idiot. Your only defense on the combo being impossible control is fucking PPD, who is arguably the biggest ego in the scene. Your second defense that came much later was a biased Misery interview from directly after he has been kicked.

    Fuck, I could bring up interviews from several pros sharing how great it is to play with Arteezy. But if a direct quote from the man himself doesn't matter to you then what possibly can? Probably nothing.

    Lmfao. VP were garbage for a long time until Rodjer joined the team. VP is literally a fucking patch team, their only success is coming from a single meta yet you claim that they are successful because of something you once again no nothing about. So much so that you think Solo makes all the decisions himself in game. Pretty hilarious.

    Then you write this...

    I should take off my fanboy glasses for someone who very clearly misinterprets words from others' mouths? No thanks, provide sources.

    Once again, projection. You truly are the king of it.

    Do you even know what egotistical means? By saying that everyone's opinion on how to play the game is important, that is by definition NOT EGOTISTICAL. You're a fucking clown dude. You know I really shouldn't be surprised that you don't know, you can fucking hardly type English let alone probably speak it.

    Wow. You're literally retarded. Someone wanting their voice to be just as important as everyone elses is not egotistical, neither is being upset about it. You are aware there are countless wars that have happened in this world that were fought because of this exact fucking concept?

    Once again you show your complete social incompetence.

    Begging the question.

    Its not reverse psychology you illiterate. You're in denial. You can literally see how these people act with each other in documentaries.

    XDDDD If they ever lose they aren't dominating! Top finishes for several seasons = not dominating.

    According to you Liquid aren't dominating either. Too many second places this season. Pretty average team.

    "Stop using poor language"

    Meanwhile you struggle at structuring sentences, using any sort of grammar, or even using words properly. You literally sound like you barely got through high school.

    And I laid out in detail why you shouldn't take it seriously. Showing that you aren't well justified in taking it seriously.

    Ya they average top 4.25 in tournaments. Sounds pretty good thanks for the stats, monkey.

    I just have less time than you do.

    Like whom? The only person that agrees with you is Nal-Ra (if anything this hurts you). The other guy only said EG was playing bad, which was correct. He didn't state anything about agreeing with you, lmfao.


    Is this your pathetic attempt at a deflection?

    Victim card, lmfao. You got called out for being the douche after trying to take the moral high ground. Sit down.

    Ya. And what does that have to do with my point? Have you been reading? Did your tiny brain already forget?

    Just in case you don't remember, I gave several reasonable reasons as to why they would stop listening to him. I mean, by your logic Misery is just mad he was being overshadowed. What an egotistical guy, right?!

    Unfortunately for you, autism is not curable. You're stuck the way you are for life.

    Sometimes you need to speak in absolute to build thought patterns? LMFAO. What the fuck are you even saying? You spoke in absolute for one or two simple reasons. You thought your logic was infallible, and/or you're just a giant douchebag. I found out its both.

    Average 4.25th place, lmfao. Sorry but can you find any team that even came close to that in a similar time frame at all?

    That isn't taking a side you fucking monkey. DENYING what you said because you have very little supporting your stance is not taking a side. I never made a claim about what I think is the reason, there was no other side. There was you, and there was me saying that what you said is nonsense. I very clearly stated that I have no opinion exactly why they are doing bad because I don't have insight into their team, I just stated symptoms of why they were losing games. Here is an example of taking a side.

    Person 1: Team A lost because of X.
    Person 2: No, Team A lost because of Y.

    Now I'll show you this argument...

    You: EG can't succeed because of X.
    Me: I disagree, you don't have enough evidence to support such a stance.

    Great, so we agree.

    You mean exactly what I said in my very first post responding to you? LMFAO

    Fucking dead. You're actually so caught up in calling people stupid delusional fanboys that you forgot how to read. Then you claim how you use language is not important. Then you say I should've said THIS SPECIFIC THING to avoid the argument getting heated (because for some reason it is my responsibility to keep your attitude under control). And lo and behold, it is literally right in the first post where I calmly responded to you.

    It doesn't matter what I provide you. Based on your response to just one interview that is very clear about his attitude while playing Dota 2, you completely wrote it off as being egotistical when it is literally the exact opposite.

    Like I said you're impossible to please. Your hatred for the team is so high that you can't believe what you say could possibly be bullshit.

    There is footage of just about every pro that streams which shows them feeding. Everyone gets mad in pub games, who fucking cares.

    There are a lot of pros who don't take scrims seriously. In fact that was actually a huge problem that the Chinese scene specifically complained about. They complained that people wouldn't take scrims seriously because teams didn't want to know what they were actually practicing.

    Thinking you're good != Egotistical

    Every pro player thinks they are good. And every pro player has massive respect for those they look up to.

    Here is the difference.

    I'm drawing conclusions about ppd's PUBLIC TWEET based on his PUBLIC PERSONALITY.

    You are drawing conclusions of PRIVATE TEAM CHEMISTRY based on A TWEET.

    "Its not that I'm misinterpreting, but to me X means Y!"

    I can only roll my eyes at the shit you say.

    Lul BAITED! Outsmarted! XD

    I think you're once again missing my point here with your rant. You're completely missing the mark. You're not even defending your own point right here, you're just trying to attack a stance I never took.

    What is even more hilarious is that in your last post you said you were focused on your "dismantling" of my claim, yet you never even bothered to compare the average placement to any other team. You know, a comparison that would actually give your rant some worth. That says enough about your argument on its own.
  19. InThoX

    InThoX Member

    Mar 15, 2014
    u aint even trying, do u?

    uve got the nerves saying that im "obvioulsy in the wrong" but at the same time ur stating sufail+babyrageezy were dominating for the entirety of 2015 which simply isnt true. calling u out for being stupid is absolutely justified here.

    do you underatand the meaning of _CRINGY_? u remind me of those fedora tipping fags. they also think theyre funny.

    missing the point blargi. u said something which is not true. i proved u wrong. u talked out of ur ass. nothing more to add.

    somehow magically PPD was able to place 2 times 3rd at ti, 1 time winning. the single most important and most prestigious tournament in dota. He was on Team with either sufail or babyrageezy, but never with both of them. ur duo without PPD placed 10 at ti so far. this is also precisely why PPD is an absolute authority when it comes "opinions" about team composition. he simply has the results.
    speaking about results ... even in the best phase ur duo had without PPD (which was quite short) they were only able to produce similar results - not better ones. ever since then theyre falling off gradually.
    the only idiot here is you, unable to accept cold hard facts.

    ofc it matters, but im not sure what u want to come up with when he alrdy admitted in an interview that his ego was the sole reason for failure?

    hes not making the decisions all himself u fucking damned nuthead. stop putting words in my mouth. quote me where i said that?!
    solos the glue that holds everything together. in the case of EG it is hard to hold ppl together that dont want to. reason being shitty egos.

    ok listen blargi, its getting rly annoying now. if u compare both interviews, its not hard to determine which one is more clear. it ALSO is much, MUCH harder for an individual to admit such an extreme failure. this is also the reason why this interview is far more valuable. u could learn from his example.
    the funniest thing here is that u dont even acknowledge the existence of it, cuz in all ur posts u simply dont mention it anymore, because u know exactly that it destroys ur view. this is delusion by very definition btw.

    but remember people: if sufail or babyrageezy act bad a certain way for everyone to see, its either "everyone does it" (implying its not of importance) or "u cant know cuz u not part of the team hurr". but blargi is an excpetion: he can LITERALLY SEE how they act. but only blargi can see. with special EG glasses.
    also remember: if babeezy states directly that his ego is a problem, then theres a quote where he is saying he likes his voice to be heard too cuz he cant function otherwise. that is non egotistical!

    precisely. do u understand the meaning of 'domination'? explain to me how a team can dominate if they get beaten again and again and again? also explain to me 2.5 years of 'domination for the entirety of 2015 - mid 2017, when sufail+babeezy werent even on the same team most of 2015.

    perfect. did i ever say EG was average? again: quote me. actually, dont bother. i even said they were successfull. but no one here could possibly stand ur ridiculous "domination" BS, thats what i was focusing on.

    eh, yes? rly stop it, its awful.

    try typing lenghty posts from ur phone, dont have the time neither the nerves to use ''''''''''''''''' or other crap. u understand me perfectly, all that matters in a forum.

    i think ill still take the side of a TI winner/successful TI participant here. the opinion of some delusional fanboy baby on PD isnt very tempting tbh.

    =/= 2.5 years of dominating duo success. u even admitted it now indirectly and are backing off from ur own BS "sounds pretty good huh?", but only after i fucking wrecked u in front of everyone ITT. hilarious. ur so frikkin dumb it hurts.

    on page 2. also ppl liking my posts, so i guess they agree too no?. again ur unable to do ur homework, ur unable to read, ur not willing to do anything basically. all u do is clinging to ur EG pipedream.

    thats the thing: everything that goes against EG = not important/biased/not justified/not true/who cares. not even 100% direct admit to ego failure. not even the opinion of someone who was successfull with either babyrageezy or sufail, but never with BOTH of them. not even numbers that disprove ur "2.5 years of domination" BS are enough.
    ur the single biggest deluded and downright pathetic fanboy nut on PD. confuckingrats.

    "quick i gotta come up with something witty cuz he got me here!"

    *failing miserably* *blarrgwgarrble*

    its hilarious that after all the explanation ur still unable to see that its an absolute GIVEN posts on a gaming forum ultimately and mostly = opinions.
    but blargarwgerrble needs special treatment here, i see. got some diapers left btw, consider wearing them next time u step into a forum.

    u srsly need to step back and learn when to shut the fuck up. its getting tiresome. but no worries ill provide u the data, im not a cheap ass fedora tipping moron replying with "begging the question". ur about to get demolished.

    liquid averaged a 2,3th placement in 2017, including a win at ti (!). liquid has played more events in 2k17 than EG. if we take away the one and ONLY big pathetic failure from 2017 (12th @ DAC), liquid _averaged_ a stunning and unbelievable 1,6th placement.

    not only did they have a better average result than ur duo in even its best phase, no, liquid even managed to dominate for 5 STRAIGHT MONTHS (!!!) in 2017 INCLUDING TI WIN. THIS IS SOMETHING U CAN SERIOUSLY CALL DOMINATION U FUCKING MONGOL. i dont even know anymore, ur srsly fighting for a spot @ biggest fanboy idiot on PD. only this navi nut - who magically disappeared who wouldve thought - tops u.

    anyway lets continue ... ur duo on the other hand has never achieved something even slightly similar. sufail+babyrageezy have not even managed to dominate months consecutively, the 6 dominating months we have in total for them were scored with breaks and failures in between, but never (!!!) consecutively (!!!). liquid managed to actually overcome the total 6 dominating months of EG ( achieved over the timespan of more than 2 years) in almost 5 months alone, since doing that consecutively is far more impressive. in 2017 liquid amassed a total of 10 dominating months playing EVEN MORE EVENTS than eg and im only looking at 2017. u still ok bro?
    liquid truly dominated the absolute most of 2017, EG duo never dominated even 2 months successively and on top of that they got fully destroyed at ti.
    and because ur so eager to mention "sufail+babyrageezy = NO ONE OWNED MORE" we can now safely say that this is simply not true. miracle and matumbaman are on the same team since the end of 2016.

    ur unable to do ur homework. talking out of ur ass. unable to read the very own data ur posting (u posted that liqui link). ur deluded to no end. a pathetic fanboy whose pipedream duo got completely demolished by cold hard facts. i think no one on PD has EVER failed as much as u did here.

    know when to shut the hell up blarg.

    ur duo has never won a ti. never dominated for more than 1 month straight. is doing gradually worse since PPD left. is utter trash since at least 1,5 years. and since mid 2017, they only won ONE(!) event. theres FUCKING STATISTICAL EVIDENCE ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER THINGS I MENTIONED THAT UR DUO IS NOT WORKING. god damned fuckwhit.

    u on the other hand have 0. literally 0 arguments, u dont even have any fucking numbers that could possibly support ur duo domination crap. ur a complete failure.

    theres clear data that supports this claim and tons of reasonable conclusions.

    lmao, reverse psychology thingy again. look at the posts and lets compare with how many possible and actual evidence u came up with so far. all ur claims got cleary disproved, theres not even a point in arguing anymore since the numbers tell the exact opposite of what ur claiming. as far as for the iviews ... even if we compare both of them, its totally clear what to think of babyrageezy when it comes to his ego. u dont even mention this quote anymore since it obv goes against ur view, so ur ofc doing the regular fanboy cock sucking here. desperate at best.
    on top of that u have fucking naked data know laying IN FRONT OF YOU and ur still banging ur head against a wall.

    ofc its hard to believe for me with all the evidence pointing towards duo = not working longterm at all. and im not hating on eg, i just despise idiotic fanbabies talking out of their asses.

    oh, who wouldve thought!

    i dont think this is a healthy attitude for a profesional player and the team. doesnt means its a tad bit better just beacause other pros are doing likewise.

    its not about thinking. its about the ability of keeping ur ego in check. sufail+babyrageezy are not good at it.

    LMAO!!!! ur allowed to draw conclusions about a tweet but im not allowed to draw conclusions about similar stuff. comical 'based on his public personality'. again: what is his public personality and how can u know? yea right.
    sufail and babyrageezy are also well known for their ego shit. ima also draw conclusions about their PUBLIC vids n stuff based on their PUBLIY PERSONALITY hurr durr. but according to u that is false. ur ridiculous and downright idiotic. massive moron at work.

    and also: conclusions of private team chemistry based ON A TWEET OF A PERSON WHO WAS PART OF THAT VERY TEAM. u damned nut.

    its actually sad, but we all know why u wont answer.

    why would i bother in this case?! my focus was clear and u got fucking demolished, mr "2.5 years of dominating duo". ive never been intransparent about my goals here.
    but now i even gave u the comparison too. wonder with what kinda BS u come up with now. i mean ur already embarassing urself in ur very own thread to astronomical extent. continue plz.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018