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Dota Classic - remake of the original eul Dota

Discussion in 'Dota Modding' started by arsjac, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. arsjac

    arsjac New Member

    Jul 27, 2016
    A lot of you probably know about this project already, because it was talked about in the old forum. Well, anyway:

    I have ported the original eul 3.76d Warcraft 3 map to Dota 2. One of the very first Dota maps ever, the original eul-versions from which everything started. Before Allstars, before Guinsoo, before Icefrog, before Dota 2, before LOL, before HON, Before HOTS.

    Here's the map on the workshop:


    Search on the in-game Dota 2 arcade for "Dota Classic" to play it.

    All the classic mechanics, items and heroes from the Warcraft III eul ROC Dota were painstakingly ported to make the classic game come alive in all its glory.

    *Every single classic hero ported
    *All classic spells, items and the old layout!
    *All items fully shareable between the players
    *Killing a barracks stops the respective production
    *Secret river shop
    *Morbazan (secret quest)
    *The classic vendor-based shop system
    *Different lane creeps for each side
    *Special exclusive items tied to dire/radiant
    *Warcraft 3-like corpse system to make the undead-spells work
    *Jungle creeps have the same strength as in the original
    *Hero-selection tied to factions
    *Gold-transfer between players














    The classic attract spell:


    "Why play this? Old Dota was boring!"

    It actually wasn't.

    The heroes in classic were a lot more specialized and had a lot in common with the medic/engineer/heavy/soldier classes found in games like Team Fortress.

    For example: Each side had a hero which could heal and teleport (Celeste and Nilirai - today's Lina and Furion). These were absolutely crucial, because they served as medics on the map, couriers (it was possible to send gold to other players and share items, yet there were no animal couriers) and were able to deal area damage. This was important because of the many summons the map had and the medics were their counters.

    The summoners in turn worked a lot like engineers - their primary focus was about about moving their summoned units in the best possible position - correct skeleton positioning (blocking enemy heroes etc.) was extremely important for the Wraithlord (today's lich).

    There was also a dedicated tower-sieger class: Old Earthshaker, Sidereal Engine.

    One of the main reasons I started with the map was because I was really fed up with modern dota clones at some point and wanted to recreate the feeling the originals gave (Dota Classic, Tides of Blood). Those were far more team based: The gold pooling, the enforced team work through the healer/summoner classes, no mega-heroes due less powerful items etc.

    Some of the things about Tides of Blood here:


    Apply to Dota Classic as well.

    Also, the original eul Dota is quite of historical interest to gaming in general. It's the one game that truly created the genre.

    One could say, in RTS terms, AOS was like Herzog Zwei, while eul dota was Dune.
    Herzog Zwei is considered to have pioneered the absolute basic RTS concepts, while Dune is considered to be the first true proper RTS game where most elements of modern RTSes can still be found.

    For example: If you think about it, it doesn't make much sense why demons can be played by the heavenly side and vice versa. If that's possible, both sides should look samey. Playing this map you know that heroes were tied to their factions at first and that's the whole reason WHY the two sides actually look different in the first place, among other things (like what's the history of the Roshan area).

    Eul ROC Dota was also one of very the first maps (maybe the first?) with custom spells in fact.

    Before Frozen Throne exposed spells through World Edit, custom spells were made by editing SLK files with Excel (SLK files hold all the spell information in WC3). Dota was the first popular map using this technique.

    Here's how SLK editing worked:

    Mirana's ulti, Wraithlord's ulti, Attract, Icicle Spike and lots of other spells are custom spells and not stock WC3 ones.

    Anti-Mage's Rift is basically Blink before Blink made its appearance on TFT.
    Here's a bit more info:


    "The original Eul’s DotA back in the day used imported excel sheets to create those custom abilities, which proved to be a big draw for people: the special effects which looked very different, and it played very different to anything that had been seen before."

    There are good reasons why the original Dota stood out, despite all the other arena maps from that time. It's an important piece of gaming history IMHO.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
  2. arsjac

    arsjac New Member

    Jul 27, 2016
    Some videos:

    Very short introduction:

    Long introduction:

    Baumi plays Dota Classic:

    He missed the fact that killing the barracks actually had some effect (the production of creeps stop). The riki-lag also got fixed in the meantime. Aside from that, it's an ok playthrough.