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Death-respawn mechanics

Discussion in 'Remakes' started by doomboy, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. doomboy

    doomboy Member

    Jun 12, 2010
    soooo dota 2 aren't too famous anymore nowadays
    well, i dont blame the game, ppls just trend over battle royale over MOBAs now

    however, making the game more 'casual' Imho should help a LOT in dragging new players into the game

    after thinking a lot about it, the biggest problem i found is that mistakes in dota is punished too harshly, usually leading to death of a player, and death... is annoying, imagine respawning-returning to jungle to farm-dead again within 10 seconds, repeat that 1.5k mmr or lower players are experiencing, they probably rage-uninstalled the game after it happens like 10 times.

    ignoring elitists who's like 'eh who cares, no one needs noobs anyway'

    here's what i suggest Icefrog to do:

    • lowers respawn time by 25% + 5 seconds
    • But now, heroes loses [ (Time you gain being alive compared to before) + (Time of Game/6) + 3 ] ALL STATS when they respawn. they slowly regains +1 ALL Stats every second after they respawn, up till the debuff is completely gone. THE DEBUFF IS ONLY WHEN YOU RESPAWN NORMALLY, IF YOU BUYBACK, YOU'RE NOT AFFECTED BY THE DEBUFF

    basically, if you die, you now respawns faster, but you're in a weaker state instead of being able to fight back right away.

    a minus all stat debuff is only significant when its a LOT, and if you're on a fight where even a +100 HP is important, but overall, this means more time to farm, and generally more uptime and death isnt punished too harshly with you NOT playing the game

    this can mean that while you DO respawn FASTER, and can do stuffs on a losing war (which can prolong the game), you're an easier target, because of your weakened state. you also can't do as well as you should be because of that.

    number wise, it's debatable and can be edited, concept wise, what do you guys think about it?

    its pretty cool imo basically a 'death hangover' kinda thing
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  2. asokaaso2

    asokaaso2 Member

    Apr 26, 2014
    respawning 30 seconds faster and you can't do anything is the same as being dead in the game
  3. doomboy

    doomboy Member

    Jun 12, 2010
    uh, of course not, dead is literally cannot do anything, with this, you can still farm or do some other objectives that not requiring you to fight

    it will matter the most when you're wiped and then revived just as they're at the 3rd towers or racks, but you can do SOMETHING, while previously, you just watch as they take down all those racks

    this will make defeat a sliiight bit more bitter if you recklessly jumps in with say, -30 ALL stats, and died again for them to finish you off, but the fact is, you respawn faster than before and is capable of doing something, like for heroes who can rat, they can do that, or maybe just wait for like ~10 seconds for others to respawn as well and then fight

    while everyone on your team losing on average of -20 ALL Stats might seemed significant weakness, but the fact is, you're not too weakened that you can't fight at all. heck, right now, buying back when enemies pushes can swing gold advantage to -6k or so and ppl still do it and its still worth it.

    if anything, this will make games to have faster pace because everyone can farm better as they've less down time.
    in addition of death being not too bad when you're not in the abyss can't do anything for seemingly forever


    when thinking about it, it seems like the fair stat reduction would be:
    Time you gain being alive compared to before + (Time of Game in Minute/6) + 3

    while the time you respawns faster is 25% + 5 seconds, from before. (flat 5 second so that it's more significant for supports comparatively to carries)

    so if you respawn 12 seconds faster on minute 6, you lose 16 all stats (affecting you for 16 seconds after respawn)
    which is a Significant loss on early game --for like 7 seconds after you TP back to lane
    (again, as long as you dont fight, this is NOT significant)

    late game, if you respawn 35 seconds faster on minute 30, you lose 44 all Stats which is a Lot for carries (in comparison, Supports will respawn like, ~22 seconds faster during this minute, making them lose 30 all stats)

    again, if you fight immediately, you'll be at significant disadvantage. but you can do other stuffs when you feel like those stat reduction is still significant, and engage once you feel that its not too bad anymore
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018