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Blue Screen of Death Problem

Discussion in 'Tech & Programming' started by Nezekan, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Nezekan

    Nezekan Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2011
    For weeks I've been trying to help someone with this, but I'm at my wits end.

    So he had this blue screen problem for while. It doesn't happen consistently, but it does happen. It never happens when outside games, meaning it only happens when playing games and usually one or more hours into it. A few months ago, he upgraded his whole system except his RAM and Hard because they were great to begin with. 16GB RAM and 3 Terabyte Hard.

    However the problem still exists. Is it safe to assume it has to be the RAM or Hard at this point since the problem did not go away when other parts were changed? The error and the text on the error is always the same. I took a screenshot of the error with my phone:


    He can't change his RAM and Hard for a while though, since he spent all his money already. But any help other than changing hardware is appreciated.
  2. dewouter

    dewouter Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2009
  3. Nezekan

    Nezekan Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 17, 2011
    I can't be sure about cooling, but as I said everything was changed (including GPU and CPU) and there is indeed enough power (800w). Its probably the cooling though based on what the link is saying.

    Edit: Well the fans are working well enough. If there is a cooling problem, then this requires additional cooling, because default system is working fine.
  4. vorsybl

    vorsybl Member

    Mar 17, 2015
    My bsod problem was fixed by replacing my harddrive with an SSD. When I bought my computer 6 years ago, I spent about 1.1k total. I'd say most of those funds went to the motherboard, processor, and gpu. I bought a shitty 1tb drive that cost like 50 dollars. It paid off, I only had to spend 60 dollars on a 120gig SSD and it made my computer 10x faster with no problems at all.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018

    HHHNNNGGG Member

    Sep 21, 2010
    I am no expert either, but about RAM if it is 2x8GB then you can try testing each of them one by one.

    If one of the RAMs causes BSoD when you go full capacity then it should be that RAM's problem. I used to get this problem with my current ASUS laptop, which the manufacturer installed 2GB+4GB.

    If the problem occurs with both RAMs then it shouldn't be RAM issue.

    It shouldn't be a cooling issue. Most time when CPU overheats the PC would crash immediately without giving you a BSoD screen (once again, speaking of my experience, as I left my PC uncleaned for 5 years since I did not know how to disassemble my laptop). You can also try to install a third-party program that monitors PC's temperature to see how it go.

    On the other hand, you can try posting the image on microsoft troubleshooting. They should know how to read the problem code better, and instruct you how to extract dump files.