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bettering matchmaking system for usual players

Discussion in 'Visual & Gameplay Ideas' started by Malakyas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Malakyas

    Malakyas Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    I simply can't understand why i'm supposed to go throght all the shitty pkayers that fuking dn't know anything about the game when i creste a new account and i click YES i know how to play the game , i just wanna train my support on a new account but how can i do it if all the others players dn't know how to play in mine team i just wanna buy wards , stun & tf without havin to play with newbies

    Soooooo cause of that i had this idea where they put u up with better players when u log in the game as a forst timer they do that item quiz game, an asking which role the hero are stuff pos 1 2 3 45 etc

    and themmmm if u got many stuff right they put u up to okay with a hell of niggas that already know how to play the game so i can properly enjoy my time on doto without havin to play core even thought i need some fukn wrds merry christimas for u all

    Normal, high, very high skill aren't enough skills division i think they should split it up more so everyone could have better times at doto
  2. Infrisios

    Infrisios Moderator Staff Member

    May 20, 2009
    In general, try to stick to your main account. Using new accounts is a bad thing as it can ruin matches for many players, yourself included. If you want to learn a new role, best use a mode where you can do it with little risk, like "least played", or at least an unranked mode in general. You might lose the first few games, but you should catch on quickly.

    That doesn't really work. Heroes can be played in different roles and it's not the game's job to tell people (or ask them, for that matter) what role a hero is. The shopkeeper's quiz is easy for players of many skill levels and only requires theoretical knowledge.

    Those skill divisions are not being used for matchmaking at all. The MMR system is used for that. I believe literally over 9000 "divisions" suffice? :p

    Generally, the first few games you'll play will have a heavier weight on your rating. Maybe the first 10 games will be easy wins, after that it'll start becoming more difficult and you'll be put into your rough MMR section from where you can play on more or less normally. I do not see any issue with the current system.