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Attack on Hero Discussion

Discussion in 'Dota Modding' started by Arjent, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Arjent

    Arjent New Member

    Oct 8, 2016
    Hello I am arjent. I will probably be coming back and adding/editing as I see fit because I wanted this more to collect my thoughts.

    If I put (?) by something it's because I'm either unsure of the name or unsure if I'm correct about something.

    Link to the mod in question

    This mod Attack on Hero has recently become one of my most played mods for the game, mostly because I enjoy the mechanics of the bosses, and that there isn't an insane amount changed from the original game like some mods or items that are just stat sticks.
    However recently when I try playing it I have tried focusing on actually beating the game instead of just discovering what's a part of it as people do the first time they try anything. To that end I thought it would be interesting to hear others ideas of the best way to get through and actually beat the lich level which I've only reached once and lost to at his ult.

    General notes about the bosses:
    All of the bosses are coded as either creep heroes like creep-heroes or just creeps.
    Bosses and the other creeps will usually have spells, items or combinations. The abilities are usually based off dota abilities, and can be seen if you select a boss which will also tell you what items they have

    This is important because
    Quelling blade and it's upgrades damage bonus works on everything. For the earlier levels this is a pretty big damage increase if your hero is: melee or high base damage range. For later levels it's likely you'll have higher bonus damage so the quelling blade bonus is becomes less important, though still useful, in later levels.

    Witch doctor cask lasts longer on everything(and cm frostbite probably lasts the creep length too but I haven't tried her)
    Probably other interactions with creeps but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

    The important things to worry about is if a boss has cleave, don't stand within cleave radius, if a boss has a channeled ability or cast animation, unless they become magic immune you can probably interrupt it with a stun(especially important for Phoenix and witch doctor), if there's a really obvious indication of a spell is better to move out of it so you don't die (ex: lycan blood rite, rubick sun strike)

    Itemization notes:
    There is a single shop to the far right of the others in the spawn area which has all of the new items. Generally you'll want to build items that can upgrade into these because they are very slot efficient, and in this game slots are at a premium.
    It is possible to buy straight stats (strength, intelligence, agility) but I think it is usually a better use of your money to buy an item over them, as the active or passive abilities that come from items are the main reason you spend gold anyway.
    Boots are generally not very useful or required. If you are finding yourself feeling very slow, or you have an excess of money, there is a consumable item you can buy that is formed from two wind laces and a recipe that gives bonus move speed in your inventory, and when consumed gives half of that bonus permanently. This bonus stacks fully with itself, so it's possible to get to max 522 move speed with just the consumed item alone.

    In general itemization is dependent on whether you are ranged or melee, whether you are there for damage or utility and your overall lineup.

    I usually think of it in terms of a few groups: melee, ranged damage, supports

    Examples of good melee heroes: skeleton King, juggernaut, bristleback, troll warlord, magnus, Ursa?

    Some of these have nuanced itemizations, like for magnus aghanim is an amazing item. But in general, these heroes want quelling blade, stout, boots ->vanguard, heart -> angelic protector with a helm of the dominator somewhere along the way. Angelic protector is the most important item for melee because it makes you able to take hits reliably.
    After you get AP, there is some flexibility in item choice. If no one is going Vladimir's offering, it might be a good idea because the aura it offers is amazing(don't go for Vladimir's bane right away it isn't worth it)
    If there's already a Vlad in your group then assault cuirass upgrading into rearguard(?) Is good, especially for bristleback who can make use of its abilities and passive at the same time, at the cost of right click damage.
    Satanic is a very good item to get because it's an upgrade to your helm which also increases your strength by a lot.
    Eventually you'll probably want mkb/rapier-> divine edge because it's the highest damage granting item, and grants true strike which is very important against the tinker, windrunner, and phantom assassin levels.

    Examples of good ranged heroes: sniper, huskar, nature's prophet, windrunner, Templar assassin(?), Drow ranger(?)
    Aside from nature's who i could really characterize as support in this mode, these heroes just want first some form of lifesteal so they won't die to random aoes, then damage and maybe mobility/control.

    Sniper and huskar are good because they are fairly reliable sources of damage. Sniper just builds damage and tries to never get hit, while being above the point he gets one shot by common spells. Huskar just life steal through it all.
    Nature's prophet is good because, after octarine and maybe bloodthorn you can build damage on him, as well as the fact that treants can res people and sprout can lock in bosses and his ult heals heroes, as well as buildings and summons(like his treants)
    Drow is interesting except for that i think I once noticed that she didn't get agility from her ult once. So if that is the case she really isn't that good unless you have other ranged too, but if her ult doesn't work then don't pick her as a solo ranged damage dealer. Aghanim is a good pick up because of the splash damage.
    Templar assassin's refraction is replaced with a bonus damage + damage absorb shield. But it gives you damage based on what you already have, and health based on your health so I'm not sure if it's good. Rest of her abilities are unchanged, but I haven't tried her after a first time.
    Windrunner just needs aghanim and then straight damage, and can tank with windrun before bosses get mkb, and on a few bosses the ministry from shackle is nice.

    Supports are basically everyone else, the spell caster centric heroes. Some are still capable of doing damage (zeus, witch doctor, rubick) but for the most part these heroes are so that your damage dealers don't die, and do more damage.

    Saving/medic heroes: witch doctor, dazzle, Chen, omniknight, tinker*

    Damage/stunning/general utility: rubick, zeus, nature's prophet, witch doctor, outworld devourer :cry:, ogre magi

    Rubick can steal ally spells in this mode. Which is amazing because with any useful spells, (wd ult, healing ward, etc.) You have two sources of it.

    Witch doctor is good because his healing aura is useful in the early levels, and because his ult scales well into later levels.

    Zeus does % based damage, so for bosses which have massive health pools is very good.

    OD is actually pretty bad :( to steal intelligence, have to astral enemy but then can't attack. Orb doesn't steal in this mode. Getting guaranteed reses in while the boss is astraled and the mana regeneration from his aura is nice though.

    In the early levels, Dazzle heal is very useful, but later on after your damage dealers get satanic, shallow grave is equally important so they can lifesteal up and shadow wave contribution is lessened compared to grave and weave.

    Chen has damage amp, and instead of creeps his e becomes an ability which makes everyone in the target area immune to damage for a limited time (up to 2.5 seconds). Haven't gotten to lich with a chen on my team but it's very useful.

    Ogre can stun lock and attack speed buff is nice. He could also be built tankier because his stats are pretty good.

    1 - Tuskaar
    Enemies: Tusk
    Tusk Details:
    Frozen Sigil - dies in 3 hits, anyone in area moves and attacks slower. Just kill it, it gives money too.
    Ice Shards - Just like ability in dota 2. Does damage to whoever it passes through, creates a semicircular wall on impact that has holes in it.
    Icicles - I don't actually know the name of this ability. It summons a ring of icicles around Tusk that damages whoever is nearby one of them. The damage isn't that high, but move away from them anyway so you dont have to think about it.​
    2 - Forged Spirits
    Enemies: Small Spirit(?), Forged Spirit, Direforged Spirit
    Small Spirit Details: Just a normal creep. Lowest priority.
    Forged Spirit Details: Applies minus armor debuff like Invoker's forged spirits. Medium priority.
    Direforged Spirit: Creates the circle of fire that shows up in this level. Highest priority.​
    3 - Juggernaut
    Enemies: Juggernaut
    Juggernaut Details:
    Sword Dance(?) - creates an effect similar to blade fury but is locked in place. Just move out of it.
    Blade Dance - His crit. Just be aware you can get crit.
    Blade Fury - Just like the normal dota 2 ability. If you stand in melee range just be aware that it could happen and move.​
    4 - Mushroom Force
    Enemies: Nature's Prophet(called Derpling in the game), Treant Protector
    Nature's Prophet Details:
    Just a ranged creep.​
    Treant Protector Details:
    Living Armor - Castable on any friendly unit that is currently being attacked.
    Sprout - Creates a sprout around the target enemy hero.
    Summon Treant - turns a single tree of sprout into a treant. Kill for the money.​
    5 - Chaos Realm
    Enemies: Chaos Knight, Dark Seer
    Chaos Knight Details:
    Chaos Bolt - Just like CK's normal stun.
    Chaos Strike - Just like CK's normal crit. Including armor reducing effects.​
    Dark Seer Details:
    Reality Rift - Just like CK's reality rift.
    Time Lock - Faceless Void's bash.​
    6 - Witch Doctor
    Enemies: Witch Doctor
    Witch Doctor Details:
    Bouncing Cask - Normal WD cask. Just get away from eachother.
    Maledict - Normal WD ability.
    Death Ward - Normal WD ult. Must be interupted.​
    Currently writing this on my phone sorry if there are errors.

    I've run out of time before my class, will revisit this to edit it at a later date. Would love to hear what strategies other people have though.

    Last edited: Oct 19, 2016