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Arcana Hotkeys II - Making Dota 2 hotkeys great again!

Discussion in 'Dota Modding' started by AveYo, Oct 17, 2016.

Would you like to see this updated for DOTA 7?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Whatever

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  1. AveYo

    AveYo Member

    Oct 17, 2016
    SPACE Modifier, QuickCast Enhancements, Multiple Chatwheels, Camera Actions, Panorama Keys!
    Yes, this is actually a thing :cool:

    The built-in Help page (F10) will make it easier to visualize the supported hotkeys.
    There are also various tooltips added in the Settings page.

    Space Modifier and QuickCast Enhancements
    - When using QuickCast, Space + Abilities and Items will switch to Manual Cast until releasing Space - great to place and toggle wards, show spell range, double tap to self cast. Sure, you could use Alt for the same thing, but Space is more convenient, and you have the Alt key free for something else (other than default AutoCast/SelfCast).
    - By itself, it also Cancel Cast, Take Stash, and switch Right-Click Attack/Follow.
    You could set Right-Click Attack to ON from Menu or using the APP hotkey, and whenever you need to follow a unit, just press and hold Space before right-clicking - easy.
    - Notable combinations are with ~ (doing Sel Other), Tab (doing Sel All) and Caps (doing Sel Hero)
    - You can keep using SPACE for Attack(WASD), SelHero(LOL/SMITE), Stop(ARCANA)
    as it will also act as modifier, but If you need SPACE for something else, you can re-assign it under Customize Arcana Hotkeys.
    - Notice that QuickCast and Cast are switched around in GUI and it's not only cosmetic behind the scene. The reason for it is that I made QuickCast the primary action, so when setting up hotkeys it shows the proper label in-game (not ALT+Key), plus it also works better for Legacy Keys support.

    Multiple Chatwheels
    - 8 auto-generated presets to switch seamlessly back and forth with [Y] + MWheelUp or MWheelDown
    - 4 auto-generated presets(lite) to switch seamlessly with [Y] + J / [V] + B (SMITE) / [7] + 8 (LEGACY)
    - Auto-generated presets not enough? Enable custom builder with KP_0, then pick with KP_1 - KP_9

    Other Useful Functions
    - Courier Camera (Alt+LWin) - hold to follow Courier, release to return to main hero
    - Event Camera (Right Alt) - hold to jump to Recent Event (last ping on map), release to return to unit
    - Unit Camera (CapsLock) - hold to camera lock and follow, release to center on selected unit
    - Unit Camera #2 (Alt+SPACE) - hold to camera chase (unlocked), release to center (other method)
    - Hands-free push-to-talk toggle (default G=Team, SPACE+G=Party)
    - HP vertical marker toggle (\) and reset (SPACE + \)
    - Camera Zoom reset (Alt + Mouse3)
    - Simple Camera Lock toggle (L)

    Show Help/Menu
    - Use F10 in-game to open the panorama Help page directly, return to game with F11
    - You can re-assign it under Customize Arcana Hotkeys - Show Help/Menu function.
    For example, you could set it as ALT+F9, so it will jump straight to Settings from in-game.
    Supports any of the F1-F10 pages (use ALT+Key to not conflict with Dota 2 hotkeys).

    Most special actions are set to keys not assignable in the GUI so it won't clash with different layouts
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  2. AveYo

    AveYo Member

    Oct 17, 2016
    Vote if interested. Vote if not interested.
  3. AveYo

    AveYo Member

    Oct 17, 2016
    So nobody wants SPACE or whatever + ability to level up?
    How about talents hotkeys? (this one still a mystery, but doable nonetheless ;))