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  1. Post with respect for each other. Flaming, derogatory remarks, directly or through insinuation, will not be tolerated.

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  3. No offensive content, including, but not limited to, racism, gore or pornography.

  4. No excessive spam, i.e. copious one liners in a short period of time, typing with all caps, posting to increase post count, back-seat moderating.

  5. Trolling will not be tolerated, including but not limited to, flame baiting, patronizing, or spreading false information deigned to start an argument.

  6. No signature or avatar can contain images or text that contain derogatory statements or offensive content, as mentioned above. Moderators reserve the right to decide if an signature or avatar does not follow these rules. Repeated violation of this rule will result in the account being prohibited from the option to display an avatar or signature.

  7. No secondary ("multiple") accounts under any circumstances. Accounts created to circumvent a ban or suspension will be banned immediately and the original account will be penalized. If you have multiple accounts and refuse a staff member's request to choose a main account, then all of your accounts may be suspended until you comply.

  8. This is an English-only forum. If you post a thread or post in another language, it will be removed, and repeat offenses may incur a warning.

  9. Please NO discussion, sharing or referencing game exploits. Report game bugs to Dota 2 Dev.

Use the REPORT feature or PM a staff member if you see a violation of any of these rules. We ask you to not respond or encourage these discussions and leave it to our staff to handle.

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