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  1. tlieza01
    how to win turbo mode ? lol
  2. MrFrank
    MrFrank Mahoroty
    My Patreon rewards when?
    1. Mahoroty
      invest your money in doge coin to gain access for my monthly patreon giveway
      Jan 17, 2018
    HHHNNNGGG Daddy Sven
  4. Louie!
  5. Redeemed A.I.
    Redeemed A.I. IceFrog
    Please do something about those bots ruining all the nice custom games. People are trying to enjoy dota at all its forms ,this is depraving me of my rights to enjoy video games :(
  6. carlvic
    carlvic IceFrog
    can i be icefrog now?
  7. Saved
  8. Jimmy2420
  9. Skulls_n_Souls
    Ahhh cold cold winter.
  10. Skulls_n_Souls
    Skulls_n_Souls summer-penguin
    "I'm back" Feb 28.

  11. Medoner
    1. InvokerofTime
      Jan 4, 2018
  12. mapdesigner
    mapdesigner Thaelesk
    new member?

    welcome to the forums

    enjoy your stay

    hope you like it xD
  13. YeungS
  14. Jovvy
    Well, hello there!
  15. David Kern
    David Kern
    casual player
  16. Mimic
    This game is fucking hard
  17. GoD_Tyr
    Hell yeah!
  18. Calour`s
  19. Calour`s
  20. Mahoroty
    Mahoroty Jazdia
    LOL ITS DEAD.. Wait wrong person
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    2. Mahoroty
      maybe? could be? you dont even know what im talking about
      Nov 28, 2017
    3. Jazdia
      Writing a message on someone's profile page is a delicate process which I am pretty sure cannot be done without deliberate action, additionally, my avatar is too noticeable to be mistaken for someone else.

      You are talking about the game thread you were previously participating, because what else you would contact me if not for that reason?
      Nov 28, 2017
    4. Mahoroty
      blasted, foiled again, i would have completed my evil plan if it weren't for you meddling kids with your adequately remarkable source of intelligent, detective jazdia crystalspark
      Nov 28, 2017