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About Doom & how everything works with it... re

Posted 06-26-2010 at 11:12 AM by dresmasher
Updated 11-10-2010 at 12:08 PM by dresmasher



  • Lord Avernus' Frostmourne
  • Nerubian Weaver's Geminate Attack
  • Leviathan's Anchor Smash
  • Sand King's Sandstorm - Rendered visibile and sand storm ends on the spot
  • Sand King's Caustic Finale
  • Sand King's Epicenter - stops its channeling
  • Prophet's Teleportation - stops its channeling
  • Sniper's Assassinate - stops its channeling
  • Potm's Moonlight Shadow (global invis) - stops its channeling and/or heroes that have gone fully invisible
  • Tormented Soul's Pulse Nova (recoded) - It now stops dealing damage, but will still drain mana and show the animation. It cannot be turned off while Doomed. It will end if TS' mana reaches zero.
  • Puck's Phase Shift (on autocast) - Even if Phase Shift is on autocast, Doom will go through immediately, phase will not trigger, and will be disabled for Doom's duration.
  • Puck's Ethereal Jaunt (blink to Illusory Orb) - Disabled while Doomed. Can't blink to his orb even though iit's released.
  • Slark's Shadow Dance: no move speed/regeneration bonus
  • Juggernaut's Blade Fury - Doom can be casted on Jugg during Bfury, and will end its duration on the spot
  • Syllabear's Bear Entangle
  • Sniper's Headshot (passive +ministun/dmg)
  • Dragon Knight's Elder Form 1 (Corrosive Breath) - DoT to towers does not work (20+dmg per second)
  • Dragon Knight’s Elder Form 3 (Frost Effect) – Frost will not work on DK’s targets, or nearby hit targets from the splash (which still works)
  • Broodmother's Incapacitating Bite
  • Broodmother's Web (Invisibility) - Doomed Broodmother inside the web is still visible
  • Medusa's Splitshot
  • Antimage's Passive Mana Break orb
  • Meepo’s Geostrike (for the Doomed Meepo only)
  • Venomancer's Poison Sting
  • Beastmaster's Pig's Poison Sting (doomed pig cannot poison/slow targets)
  • Ursa's passive Fury Swipes
  • Silencer's Last Word - Even immediately after Dooming Silencer, you won't get silenced, but if a spell is cast while Silencer dies (even when still Doomed), it will silence
  • Witch Doctor's Voodoo Restoration - When turned on, and Doomed: animation remains, but does not heal at all and cannot be turned off
  • Stealth Assassin's Permanent Invisibility
  • *Note: Phantom Assassin will still appear blurred, but has no evasion under Doom.
  • Leviathan's Kraken Shell


  • Any and all activatable item effects (cannot be used/"clicked")
  • %chance Proc'd damage (Maelstrom/Mjollnir/Mkb/Maim) – Will not fire chainlightning, mini-stun (and bonus damage), or maim
  • Diffusal Blade's Feedback orb
  • Any and all consumables (entire Chimaera Roost/Graveyard shop)
  • Gem of Truesight (Doomed player with Gem loses true sight)
  • Radiance's AoE (burning)
  • Blocking damage (Vanguard, Stout shield, and Kraken's Passive melee reduction--it still removes buffs)
  • Eye of Skadi "Ranged" (cold orb) - as opposed to Eye of Skadi "Melee", which is not disabled under Doom
  • If Doom is cast on a target while Linken's Sphere is cooling down, AND THEN the cool down finishes while under the effects of Doom, Linken's Sphere will be wasted and go in cooldown yet again without even blocking 1 tick of damage.


  • Critical Strikes (from all items and hero skills—no exceptions)
  • Evasion (from all items and hero skills—this does not include backtrack, which is not considered to be evasion)
  • Passive Bash (from skills, forms, or bashers—does not include Greater Bash)
  • Lifesteal (from items only, not including Unholy Rage (buff))
  • Splash Damage (from battlefury, Sven’s great cleave, or Magnataur’s Mighty Swing) *Note: Pirate's Tidebringer Splash damage is disabled, but the +dmg still works, is removed after an attack, and will still recharge during Doom.
  • Picking up Runes
  • Dropping items
  • Picking up items
  • Obtaining new skills - If you level while doomed, you cannot enter your skills tree and increase a skill's level



  • N'aix's Feast (triggered lifesteal)
  • N'aix's Rage (passive AS/Spell immunity) -- Still goes through and damages Naix, along with silences.
  • Bloodseeker's passive skill Blood Bath
  • Bloodseeker's Thirst - can trigger under Doom before heroes have fallen below 40%, and remain on after
  • Enchantress Untouchable
  • Stealth Assassin's Backstab
  • Spiritbreaker's Greather Bash
  • Spiritbreaker's Charge - will not cancel the charge, or disable the stun/vision on his target
  • King Leoric's Reincarnate
  • Antimage's Spell Shield (Spell reduction)
  • Twin head's Liquid Fire (passive fire attack)
  • Juggernaut's Healing Ward
  • Pugna's Nether Ward
  • Sylla's Synergy
  • Syllabear's Demolish (+dmg vs. structure) – doesn’t actually work ever
  • Phantom Lancer's Juxtapose (Hero's passive creation of images--Doomed Lancer can create more images)
  • Phantom Lancer's Phantom Edge (Images' ability to passively create images--Doomed images can create more images)
  • Tiny's Craggy Exterior (passive bash to melee attackers)
  • Tiny's Growth (passive movespeed and +base dmg)
  • Alchemist's Goblin Greed (still works and stacks)
  • Alchemist's Chemical Rage (+hp, +hp regen, +AS)
  • Luna's Glaive
  • Sniper's Take Aim (passive range increase)
  • Troll Warlord's Fervor (passive ias bonus per attack on same unit)
  • Bristleback's Bristleback (dmg reduced if Doom is facing his back, and not reduced if Bristle is facing direction opposite of Doom's direction)
  • Bristleback's Bristleback (Auto-Quill Fire) - Quills obviously cannot be manually casted under doom, but will fire per every 250dmg dealt to Bristle
  • Panda's Primal Split Pandas - none of the 3 summoned pandas can be Doomed
  • Bounty Hunter's Windwalk Backstab - +Dmg attacking out of WW not disabled
  • Bounty Hunter's Track (Vision) - Track still gives vision even if Bher is doomed (and truesight)
  • Dragon Knight's Dragon Blood - regen and armor work fine
  • Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Forms 2 & 3 (Splash) - Dragon2 and Dragon3 work (Frost Effect on Dragon3 does not work, only the splash damage)
  • Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form (+MS) - the extra passive movespeed is unaffected
  • Omniknight's Repel - Damage is dealt, but does not remove Repel (magic immunity)
  • Omniknight's Guardian - Damage is dealt, but does not remove the 25hp/sec regen and 1000+ Armor (the regen severely lowers Doom's DoT)
  • Tormented Soul's Diabolic Edict - Damage is dealt and follows the TS as it normally would
  • Broodmother's Web (Movespeed/Regen bonus) - Still present, but no longer invisible
  • Medusa's Mana Shield
  • Treant's Nature's Guise - Doomed Treant is not turned visible--if Treant leaves the range of a Truesighting unit, while near trees, he will not be seen
  • Nerubian Assassin's Vendetta (Invisibility and Backstab) - the extra "exiting-invis" dmg still works, and NA is not rendered visible via Doom
  • Axe's Counter Helix
  • Viper's Corrosive Skin (poisons and reduces magic as normally)
  • Nerubian Weaver's Shukuchi (Movespeed+ and invisibility)
  • Clinkz' Wind Walk (+Movespeed and Invisibility)
  • Spectre's Desolate
  • Spectre's Dagger (collision size) - still able to walk over cliffs and such
  • Spectre's Dispersion - still returns damage, including Doom's
  • Void's Backtrack - can avoid doom's dmg each second
  • Pudge's Flesh Heap - spell resistance and str gain from kills still work
  • Pudge's Rot - still deals dmg, slows, but cannot be turned off and deals huge self-damage during doom
  • Shadow Fiend's Necromastery
  • Pugna's Decrepify (spell dmg+) - Increases Doom's dmg by 44%, calculated after hero resistance, during decrepify's duration
  • Morphling's Replication (image a hero) - Morph can still swap into the Doomed image, and the img has 25% spell resistance
  • Morphling’s Morph (agi/str swap) - If this was turned on after being hit by Doom, stats will continue to swap, but cannot be turned off. It will stop swapping if Morph's mana reaches zero.
  • Centaur's Great Fortitude (passive str+)
  • Drow's Marksmanship (passive agi+)
  • Obsidian's Astral Imprisonment (intelligence absorption) - gained Int on Obsid and lost int on targets is not reset by dooming Obsidian
  • Meepos - Dooming one Meepo will only disable that Meepo's skills - All other Meepos can still Geostrike, Earthbind, and Poof to each other and the Doomed Meepo. Non-Doomed Meepos can still level up skills, for all Meepos, if you level when Doomed.
  • Storm Spirit's Overload - does not disable the ability to fire ready overloads (had to have one before Doomed)
  • Templar Assassin's Refraction (+Dmg and Instance Immunity) - the damage bonus remains, and she will potentially block 6 ticks/secs of Doom's damage
  • Templar Assassin's Meld (invis and -Armor) - Doom will not reveal TA or disable her opening attack that deals bonus damage/negative armor
  • Templar Assassin's Psi Blades (range and spill attack) - still has increased range and line splash attack
  • Templar Assassin's Trap Detonation (per trap) - she can still detonate traps, using the trap's own detonate button, but not with her in-hero skill.
  • Sacred Warrior's Inner Vitality (Heal below 40% and above) - both work to their complete potential under Doom
  • Sacred Warrior's Berserker Blood (+IAS and +Dmg) - both work fine and increase under Doom as SW loses hp%
  • Windrunner's Focus Fire
  • Lightning Revenant's Eye of the Storm - keeps hitting foes & decreases armour.
  • Slark's Essence Shift
  • Dirge Flesh Golem damage amplification not disabled if Golem is doomed. (aura)
  • Ancient Apparition's Chilling Touch damage bonus still applies for 5 attacks normally.
  • Lightning Revenant's Static Link is not broken and continues to "suck" damage from enemies while augmenting Revenant's own damage.
  • Lightning Revenant's Unstable Current, targets still get purged by it even when Razor is Doomed.


  • Eye of Skadi "Melee" (cold orb) - as opposed to Eye of Skadi "Ranged", which is disabled under Doom
  • Blademail's damage return (when activated)
  • Unholy Rage (active Satanic ability) - This is a buff granting 175% extra lifesteal that will work if on, even though Satanic's passive 25% is disabled.
  • Bloodstone - None of Bloodstone's special death effects are hindered by Dooming the carrier.
  • Invisibility from Lothars - Use Truesight to Doom a char that is Invis via Lothars, remove the Truesight, and you will no longer have vision of that unit
  • Stygian Desolator orb (-armor attack)


  • Any kind of +stat, +dmg, +hp/mana, ias, ims, or regen
  • Any type of buff
  • Auras - does not remove or hamper any auras (hero or item based)


Linken's Sphere (Block)
- Doom will be completely blocked by Linken's if it is cooled. No disable, no DoT at all, and Doom will be wasted.

Borrowed Time (Remove)
- LoA can't cast this to remove Doom on the spot. It will go off & remove Doom once LoA goes below 400hps

Backtrack (Avoid)
- Backtrack has a 10%/15%/20%/25% chance to "avoid" the damage Doom deals each second

Naga's Song of the Siren (Ignore)
- Doomed target hit by Song will become invulnerable, and the duration of Doom will be wasted per sec of sleep

Eul's Cyclones (Ignore)
- Doom + cyclone on target = no damage (target is invulnerable) and Doom's duration continues to wear off

Pitlord's Dark Rift (teleport hero(s)) (Ignore)
- Whether you Doom Pit after he has casted or you doom the nearby target(s), they will still be teleported on time

Chen's Test of Faith (teleport allied hero) (Ignore)
- Whether you Doom Chen after he has casted or you doom the target, the target will still be teleported home on time

Bane Elemental's Nightmare (Ignore)
- Nightmare makes a target invulnerable for a brief second, at which time Doom cannot be cast on that target, but soon after it can be casted, but will not wake the unit up nor will Doom's damage ticks harm the enemy. This will waste Doom's duration per second of sleep. The only damage you'll notice is the -20hp/sec (direct life removal) from nightmare.

Void's Chronosphere (Pause)
- A doomed target under chronosphere will not receive damage from Doom, and the duration will be paused, unlike naga's siren where the duration continues to wear off. Once the unit comes out of chronosphere it will be damaged and under doom for the remaining duration it had prior to being chrono'd

Obsidian's Astral Imprisonment (Pause)
- Casting astral on a doomed target will pause the duration of Doom, and deal no damage to the astral'd target. Just like chronosphere's effects.

Aghanim's Scepter (Enhance)
- Doom without Aghanim's Scepter: 14 second duration, 110 second cooldown, mana cost 150/200/250, range 550, 30/50/70 DPS
- Doom with Aghanim's Scepter: 14 second duration, 90/80/70 second cooldown, mana cost 150/200/250, range 550, 50/80/110 DPS
- Doom can be cast on units with Repel or Avatar.
- A Doomed target can be denied (attacked and/or killed), once it falls below 25% percent Hps. If an ally scores the last hit on his comrade who is under Doom, Lucifer will get no bonus gold for the kill. The killed target will still lose gold. No experience will be granted.

Original Credits

There are a lot of people that helped in making this list possible and complete. These are all the various testers who took the time to confirm things with me:

Aragas, Lucky-Cat, Yagonadai, 4nTr4xX, dieFOOL, sabrA, Warstomp., Fabolous, Akuryou, Nova, PudgeFTW, LoLcano_PwNed, towelle, xtpxboix45, DonTomaso, clogon, Mago-Merlino, and rogue_crafter

My Credits

Updates continued by dresmasher for a more comprehensible and up to date guide on Doom and it's behaviour inside Dota.
Credits: frodokiller90, Altazen

The original list does not belong to me, it has been taken from a "Dota Allstars" thread & has been originally created by an author whom's name I don't recall (if anyone knows, please leave his name in a comment), since the forum is down I decided to post this here & maintain it with my own testers for the sake of knowlege, what the original author collected shouldn't go to waste.
The original list was created by Guyoverthere (thx AntiAntiAnti) so credits go to him and his testers for the work they put into it.
I modified parts of the original list since some information was outdated and added new information in, based on the newly added heroes and the remakes of old heroes.

If you have any questions or see any errors please leave a comment.
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